Kent County Council

We won this exciting office furniture installation project for Kent County Council to materialise their ‘New Ways Of Working’ scheme because of our ability to act fast and creatively.


We worked closely with Kent County Council to accommodate their ‘New Ways Of Working’ scheme.

The headquarters is home to over 600 employees, and is based in Kingshill in Kent. Their new ways of working scheme was designed by an architect and included flexible meeting areas, individual storage and a more agile approach to the standard office design.

This office furniture installation project was delivered to the client within very tight timescales. Kent County Council needed to utilise the empty building as quickly as possible – we worked with them to formulate a phased delivery schedule.


Our ability to be able to be on site quickly helped us to win this exciting project. We were carrying out office furniture installation within 3 weeks of the contract being awarded.

The building was going to be partially occupied during the project– to manage this, we drew up a rolling program. We completed all noisier work within the first 3 weeks, and carried out the rest of the furniture installation on a zone by zone basis. We worked flexible hours, including weekends to make sure that this program was kept on schedule.

The change of working styles meant a large upheaval for the staff. To ensure a smooth handover, we made sure that the work in each zone was fully completed before the team moved in. This had to be kept to strict deadlines as the lease was running out on the old buildings.

An agile working environment can lead to noise pollution in the office. To combat this, Kent County Council chose to divide up areas and teams within the office with Storagewall and with metal sliding door units with integral acoustic foam.  This gave their employees access to ample nearby storage, as well as helping to segregate the teams.

Kent County Council needed excellent quality furniture, so our standard 5 year guarantee ensured that the office furniture installation project was delivered with the best long-term value, enabling the council to minimise the overall spend of government funding.



To accommodate their new ways of working, KCC had to cut down on storage space, evolving into a more paperless environment. Our space planning experts worked closely with the council in order to help them utilise their new office space to its full potential. Personal storage was reduced to a minimum and individual drawers abolished. We designed and manufactured a tailor made sized locker with a post slot.

We also installed multiple ‘Hubs’. These small meeting areas can be used for impromptu semi-private meetings. Spaces like this mean that staff can hold confidential conversations without having to book a meeting room.

The combining of several smaller offices into one space meant that there were various different filing systems all needing to be accommodated into one consilidated filing unit. To do this, we created special lateral filing frames which could be used by all different types.  This meant that the teams were able to transfer their files immediately without having to re-file documents.

The complete solution of this office furniture installation project for Kent County Council included:

  • Storagewall
Desking and Cable Management Systems
  • Soft seating
  • Meeting room furniture

  • Swivel chairs
  • Breakout and Dining Furniture
  • Metal lockers with post slot and an acoustic back panel to reduce noise in the office




Linear metres of storage




Installation zones