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Increase employee productivity with HabitAction™

In any business, it’s vital to maximise the potential of your employees. The people you employ are your greatest asset, and if you can retain and nurture their talent you’ll see the results reflected in your business performance.

The great news is that employee productivity will increase naturally when your workspace is used to its full potential and when staff feel valued and happy in their working environment.

Stat Alert

“When they need to focus, the percentage of workers who…”

Are disturbed by others0%
Prefer quiet workspaces0%
Focus better working from home0%

(Source: Gensler workplace survey 2013)

The HabitAction™ survey

So, how can you go about making your work environment an inspiring and positive place to be and increasing productivity of employees? The HABITACTION survey is a methodical approach to analysing and planning your office space.

In this unique approach to workspace analysis, we scrutinise your current use of space, discover which activities should be done where within your office, and listen closely to the people who interact with the space every day – your employees.

Use your space to its full potential

Are you running out of room in your current workspace? Considering relocating to larger premises? Think again. The HABITACTION Survey will pinpoint areas where space is being used inefficiently and help you reorganise your workspace to help you save office space so that it works for you.

Get the most out of the space you have by exploring options such as how third space could work for you, and you will increase employee productivity and maximise your profits. Not only can you create a happier and healthier working environment, but you will benefit from the additional added bonus of avoiding a potential office relocation.

New ways of working

How many hours could you save each day with a more efficient office environment?  The productivity and output of your employees can dip when staff are interrupted in their work, contend with regular distractions or have to switch between activities too often.

So if your workspace is not intelligently designed to reflect the work activities carried out within it, you could be losing up to an hour per employee each day. The HABITACTION survey will take stock of how your workers work, what they need, and make recommendations on what to change. Our team can help you create a strategy for your workplace to help you obtain the very best results.

Staff wellbeing

It makes sense that our office surroundings can make a measurable difference to the work we produce. A workspace design that encourages creativity and communication, reflects the activities carried out within it and prioritises staff wellbeing will lead effortlessly to better employee productivity. Whether it’s creating a bit of a buzz by introducing a little more noise to the office or providing opportunities to personalise with task specific lighting design, there are so many imaginative ways to boost productivity with environmental workspace changes. When we feel happy, stimulated and looked after by our employers we’re more willing – and able – to go the extra mile in our work.

It’s a win win situation, and we have the data to prove it. Did you know that employees happy in their working environment are up to 31% more productive and are 300% more creative? Or that happy staff are 72% more likely to be loyal to your company? Employee productivity is inextricably linked to staff satisfaction.

Happy people…

300 %

are 300% more creative

31 %

are 31% more productive

37 %

generate 37% more sales

(Source: Good.co – workplace happiness)

Get started with HabitAction™

If you’re intrigued about our technique and wondering how it all works, here’s the HABITACTION approach in a nutshell. It combines 3 core elements that together enable us to work with you and create a more productive workspace:


The tools for data analysis that helps us gather information about your working style.


the unique experience and expertise that we have gained from over 40 years of designing diverse office spaces for many different clients.


The process we use in order to analyse your data, discuss our findings and project manage your office transformation.

So by creating an intelligently designed office environment that helps employees stay productive and thrive, you’ll attract and retain the best people in your industry. They’ll produce a higher standard of work, generate more sales, increase productivity and make your business more of a success.

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