Office interior design

The modern approach

Today’s workspaces and today’s people, require an intelligent new kind of office interior design.
Far more powerful than simply choosing between colour swatches, the Envoplan adopt and evidence-based approach to your office interior design, allowing you to improve productivity, generate a better ROI and increase space occupancy without impacting your team’s wellbeing.

Intelligent Evidence-based Design

Using evidence and data to design your office space will give you an intelligently designed working environment.  Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive knowledge-base. This allows us to apply the data and learnings we’ve built up to our office interior design projects. Instead of viewing work space changes as an expensive disruption, by taking advantage of our knowledge-base you can turn the project into an opportunity to overcome challenges, spur changes where needed or introduce new technologies and ways of working.

We’ll help you to increase occupancy, instill a greater sense of pride in your company, and help you towards your long-term business goals.

A True Reflection Of Your Brand

If you’re involved in running a business, you’ll know how important a strong brand can be. And a successful brand identity originates from within. Your office space is a perfect canvas to portray the essence of your brand, both internally and externally.

Ensuring that your office interior design reflects your brand identity is a great way to get your workers to “live the brand” every day. You’ll also give visitors a great first impression when they approach your office, leaving them in no doubt what your company is all about.

Your office interior design needs to encapsulate the needs and daily habits of your people, as well as being an inspiring place to come every day.

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Did you know

“On the subject of interior design…”

69% of Generation Y employees who work in an office with a ‘funky’ fit out noticed a positive impact on productivity.

(Source: British Council for Offices and Savills (2013))

Office Furniture To Suit Your Needs

If you need high quality office furniture tailored to fit your own particular space, our dedicated furniture manufacturing team can produce it. With a range of innovative lines to choose from, you can pick an existing design or ask us to create tailor made pieces that fulfill your own office interior design requirements. We’re proud of producing great quality unique furniture items, that will enhance your office interior design scheme. All lovingly created at our manufacturing site in Hemel Hempstead!

A Complete Office Interior Design Package

When you ask us to design a new workspace, we’ll provide a complete office interior design package. From initial discussions and research, through to the final project build and furniture installation. We’ll listen to what you need, keep you informed and take care of all your requirements.  Our experienced design team will take you through the process, involving your team closely at all stages. We offer 2D and 3D visualisation, VR experiences and we’ll help bring your project to life before it’s even been built.


of respondents note that they favour informal meeting areas to formal conference rooms for meeting.

(Source:, Top Workplace Trends 2014)

Axonometric view of interior design scheme
Sketch of interior design scheme for break-out space
Interior design scheme for break-out space

Visual Ideas

We’re masters at communicating our visual ideas. We take pride in showing you our ideas and what we’re thinking using a variety of media. We’ll let you see our design ideas through mood boards, 3D and 2D visualisation and VR technology. We’ll also supply you with fabric, furniture and colour samples so you can get a feel for what your finished choices will look like. You can also see our case studies of previous office interior design projects and visit our showroom to get a feel for our work.

Our Experience

Envoplan have been designing and creating office interiors for over 40 years. Our interior designers have transformed workspaces large and small, and they know how to translate your vision into a 3D reality. Working together with our space planners, project managers and furniture manufacturers, our office interior design team will help you develop a unique workspace that really works for you. Come and meet the team.

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