Office refurbishment

Are you looking to refurbish your workspace? Here at Envoplan we offer a complete office refurbishment package. With our design expertise and project management nous, we’ll create an exciting and fresh feel for your workspace and take you from “before” to “after” with minimal disruption. From design concepts right through to furniture manufacture and installation, we take care of it all.

Get the best out of your space

Envoplan can help you plan a new layout for your office building to save space, improve working practices within the organisation and maximise efficiency. And when the office refurbishment is complete, your existing interior will be transformed into an inspiring and innovative new space.

Refurbishing an office is often a smarter move than relocating to alternative premises. You can keep your existing address, avoid the time and expense of moving to a new location and use the refurbishment project as an opportunity to get the best out of your current space.

Field Fisher Waterhouse
Boardroom refurbishment with exposed brick wall - Aerodyne UK

Well well…

“Staff turnover figures before and after office refurbishment are telling…”

(Source: Duffy, F & Powell, K 1997)

25 %

Staff turnover before refurbishment

12 %

Staff turnover following refurbishment

Out of space

If things are feeling tight in your office but you need to accommodate extra people or equipment, a carefully planned office refurbishment could well be the answer. Our space planners can investigate your current use of space, see how your business activities are grouped and tell you how to get more out of your workspace.

It’s a great way to rationalise your working methods, utilise all your assets and fit in those extra people – all without feeling the squeeze.

Tech enabled

Is your office space out-dated? Is it in keeping with current technological advances? An office refurbishment will allow you to incorporate the right infrastructure for today’s working environment – giving your people the ability to perform at their very best and maximizing efficiency within your space.

Business as usual

If your refurbishment project needs to take place within an existing workplace, it’s important to minimise disruption for clients and employees. With a large scale office refurbishment, this may mean carrying it out in phases.

Our project planners will work with you to decide when and where each phase of the project takes place, planning every move meticulously to ensure that you can carry on with business as usual.


Of office workers are bothered by a lack of privacy in the workplace.

(Source: Mix interiors)

Looking to the future

Here at Envoplan, we take the long term view. Every project is the start of a long term relationship with our clients. We’ll plan your office refurbishment to help you to future-proof your business against projected growth and change, allowing you to accommodate its extra needs as it grows over the years.

We provide a friendly and professional aftercare service to ensure that your refurbished office is everything you wanted it to be. And if and when you need to make another change, we’ll be here to help. If you do decide to move your premises rather than refurbish your old one, make sure you check out our relocation checklist.

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Looking to refurbish your offices?

If you’d like to discuss your office refurbishment project, contact Envoplan to see how we can help. Our team of professionals work across the UK in areas such as London, Cambridge, Bristol and Berkshire.

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