Badminton School Library Refurbishment

An iconic library space


Envoplan were asked by Badminton School to work on the design and refurbishment of the iconic Casson library to create a truly inspiring environment that would enhance the learning journeys of their students.  The library is a central part of the school site and the school wanted it to become a contemporary, light, airy, forward-looking learning space.


Student voice and input is crucial for Badminton, and as the library is so central to the school there was a real desire to make sure the design matched with the needs of today’s students.  At the same time, the building is truly iconic and we wanted to maintain that heritage whilst developing the overall design.  Pulling together all of these different requirements was the key to creating a successful end result.



As a result, the school has ended up with a very flexible and open environment that really showcases the contemporary, light and airy feel the students wanted to create.  The colour scheme also reflects natural materials, bringing a sense of calm to the library and an uncluttered feel that the students love.  This was prominent in recent conversations with students, where they mentioned how the space had really helped them to develop and grow in their learning, and had made the library an even more central part of school life.




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