Bedford Girls’ School Science Department Redesign

Science department redesign fit for 21st century teaching and learning.


Bedford Girls’ School commissioned Envoplan to assist them with their major science faculty reconfiguration and refurbishment project. The scope of BGS’s science department redesign project included three biology labs, two chemistry labs, a prep room, as well as a state-of-the-art presentation space. This science centre upgrade project has resulted in an inspirational STEM/STEAM hub, which can be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole school.

This science department redevelopment project included full detailed design, heavy construction and builders works, mechanical & electrical works, and full strip-out and refurbishment of the old outdated science laboratories.


Following extensive collaboration and strategy with Envoplan, the school embraced a much more flexible and multipurpose design scheme for their space. The new science department design enables them to maximise the potential of their science department, and support students fully through their STEM/STEAM learning pathway.

Through close liaison with the school’s science department (as well as commissioning an independent STEM/STEAM consultant) we developed a solid project brief that resulted in a stunning 21st Century science learning space that is inspirational, practical and future-proofed. The new science environment is visually stunning, but also multipurpose, durable and inspirational to staff and students alike.

The design journey ( for Bedford Girls’ School’s new science department redesign was collaborative and thorough. Partnering with the school, we worked through multiple concepts to reach the end solution, fully meeting their brief and exceeding the expectations of staff and students alike.

Through design workshops and collaborative sessions, our interior designers worked their magic, creating a series of concept schemes and options. The chosen design scheme included the inspirational and futuristic iCreate space, a completely unique zone that gives the students an opportunity to discover science in a more modern and interactive way. We even created a bespoke 3D printed model of one of the labs which enabled the client to experience a scaled version of the new design before anything was built!

Careful attention was applied to colour schemes, materials and finishes, ensuring that the final result reflected the quality of education on offer at Bedford Girls’ School.



This science department redesign project included many elements of bespoke design that serve to meet the aspirations of the school. Within the laboratories themselves, we developed a bespoke circular ‘pod’ for the services (gas, electricity and water) between the desks. These pods are precisely located within the rooms to allowing the classroom layout to be as adaptable as possible.

With connected service pods, the school can then adapt the table configuration around them, allowing for unlimited possibilities of classroom layout. The reconfiguration is quick and hassle-free, as the tables are designed to be moved and easily and safely connected to the pod units.

The iCreate zone provides a centrepiece not only in the science department but the whole school and includes the latest in presentation equipment and interactive displays. The combination of a sweeping, curved glass screen, together with space for 3D displays, colour-changing feature ceiling and bespoke bleacher seating pods creates a dramatic impact for students and visitors alike.

We also worked closely with the science staff to help them improve workflow in the prep room, including planning the storage and transportation of chemicals. As part of this process we incorporated a glazed screen to the front of the Prep Room so that students can see ‘science in action’ as they walk past which helps to encourage and inspire them into the world of science.

The final result has ensured that Bedford Girls’ School ( science faculty is now fit for the 21st Century and truly reflects their forward progression and continual strive for excellence.


weeks project duration

570, 000

thousand pound project value