Brewers Hill Middle School

We enjoyed sinking our teeth into this dining hall design project to create a tasteful, multi-functional and inspirational space for students and teachers.


Envoplan’s interior design helped Brewers Hill Middle School to enhance their student’s dining experience with an extensive dining hall upgrade. This tasteful dining hall design is an inspiration to the students.


Creating an inspirational space that achieved a tangible end result was no easy task.

The school wanted to make sure that the new dining hall interior design was suitable for both adults and children, and was easily reconfigurable for extra-curricular activities. Upgrades to lighting, new furniture and decorations all had to be multipurpose and long-lasting.

The school had aspirations to improve behaviour and increase the take-up of school meals. They were delighted when their hopes in this regard were not only met, but surpassed!



We chose a light and airy design scheme that was colourful enough for young users and sophisticated enough for the adult users. The space was planned around the central ‘Hub’, and school furniture was top quality and easy to clean.

We installed small round tables and chairs in the centre of the space, these helped the students to socialize whilst eating. These can be moved around or stacked away as the circumstances require.

We stripped out the old, dingy lighting and installed more energy efficient, brighter lighting, with a central ‘light well’ ceiling feature. With the clever use of lighting and mirrors, this space became brighter and more welcoming (take a look at the ‘before’ picture to see the dramatic difference!). We also installed wood-effect flooring and plants to give the space a more natural look and feel.

Around the perimeter of the room, there were low-backed sofas, which allow natural light to flood in, maintain sightlines for teachers and keep the area informal.
This dining hall design and refurbishment project continues to give the students at Brewers Hill Middle School a most enjoyable dining experience and the dining hall has maintained it’s popularity.


Stackable chairs


Working days to complete


Vinyl sofa colours

School dinner uptake increased by0%