Cedars Childrens Centre

We helped Cedars Children Centre to develop a child friendly and colourful interior design scheme for the new-build day care unit


This new-build children’s centre project required creative and colourful interior design coupled with detailed furniture knowledge to create a colourful and inviting learning environment.


This client wanted their reception area seating to ‘look like a packet of jelly beans’. A slightly unusual request, but our creative designers set to work



By combining a clever mix of bright colours and varying shapes, we managed to successfully create a child-friendly and welcoming space.

The quality furniture, coupled with colourful finishes has become a timeless example of how a learning environment can be simply yet effectively designed.

In the reception area, the colourful seating, and bright airy ceilings, coupled with effective pendant lighting make this a welcoming space for pupils and staff alike.

Incorporating flip-top ICT tables into the colourful design scheme meant a better use of space, and we also installed space-efficient storage-wall to keep the space neat and well organised.