Chilton Cantelo School

In this big and bold boarding house design project, we channeled our inner-child to create a welcoming and practical living space for the boys of Chilton Cantelo School.


We worked with this independent Somerset-based boarding school to deliver their latest boarding house design and refurbishment. Riverside Boarding House (the boys’ sleeping quarters) was in need of an upgrade. This was an extensive interior design refurbishment project which included furniture, decorations and upholstery. It consisted of a mix of single and double bedrooms, a common room and the boarding house hallways.


We worked closely with the school and it’s parent group Cognita Schools, to deliver a boarding house design that was attractive and welcoming to its young users, as well as being good quality and durable. As expert educational furniture manufacturers, we designed a creative range of bedroom furniture in a mix of complimentary finishes – this meant that every bedroom combination was unique to the user, but still part of a consistent range.



Our ingenious boarding house design proposal included a lot of efficient storage, using space to its best effect without scrimping on personal space allowance. Each student had a wardrobe, under-bed storage and desk-based storage.

The muted grey and white colour scheme made for a timeless and adaptable look within this boarding house. These neutral colours worked well with the boys’ green and blue striped bedding, but could just as easily be used with any other colours in the future. We mixed and matched furniture finish colours within a small range of neutral colours, to make sure that each bedroom was unique.

We redecorated each room and laid a grey carpet. A matching pin board, window blind, Qube storage units and mirrors were also installed and we left each student to personalise their bedroom with pictures and posters as they saw fit!

In the common room, we used a more brightly coloured design scheme – with vibrant blues and greens. The gloss white kitchen units meant that the students can prepare their own snacks and the American-diner themed benching is an ideal place to eat, do homework or simply catch up with friends.

In the soft seating area, gaming bean bags and comfortable sofas make this a very popular area with the students!

Needless to say, the school was delighted with the boarding house design project and the boys returned from the Easter Holidays to find that their boarding house had been transformed.




Double rooms


Single rooms


Acres of land