Ipswich High School Boarding House refurbishment

Dairy House transformed to boarding accommodation


This client was new to the boarding market and needed assistance and help with designing and setting up the whole facility. Ipswich High School had purchased an old residential property on the edge of the estate which used to be the old dairy house. This was a very interesting building, grade two listed with several unique features including a creamery complete with marble slabs and limestone workbenches.


The dairy house dates back to 1870 so obviously there were several challenges with the age and listing of this building. The house underwent a complete interior refurbishment including all specialist works such as window repairs, stonework and timber restoration etc.



We created a sympathetic design scheme in keeping with the building and designed the interior layout to maximise the bedroom capacity. We held workshops with the school including the use of our travelling roadshow to enable the client to see the products in situ at the school. The end result is a stunning and unique facility for the school which gives them a great start into the world of boarding.




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