Ipswich High School for Girls Learning Resource Centre Design

We helped Ipswich High School for Girls create a stunning new learning resource centre, offering the girls at this independent day school a bright and airy place to study.


We worked closely with Ipswich High School for girls to create a stunning Learning Resource Centre. Transforming a tired library space into a bright and modern learning space was a rewarding project.

The project included bespoke furniture and shelving, a stylish colour scheme and timeless design. Through intelligent interior design we created a learning environment that was fit for digital collaboration, quiet research or group projects.


The original library space was tired and in need of an upgrade. The space felt tired and was full of traditional furniture. The 2 rooms were dark and felt restrictive and narrow.

The school wanted an open, fun and vibrant new space.

With a creative design and small tweaks to the layout of the space, we were able to create a more inspirational and user-friendly learning resource centre. The original space consisted of 2 separate rooms, which we brought together by removing the dividing wall, and creating a more open and airy feel.



This school learning resource centre was housed within a modular building. By skinning the building with bricks, we helped to blend the space seamlessly with the main school building. Within the learning resource centre, we chose modern bright colours and finishes to ensure a bright and airy learning environment.

Coupling creative curving shelving design with curved edge tables, the new learning resource space has a friendly and inviting feel. The wavy bookshelf edges take away the tunnel feeling that the narrow space.

Plenty of soft seating help students to feel welcome as well as inviting them to work, collaborate or read.

Acoustic ceiling panels and clean lighting help to uplift the space and add a subtle design feature in the ceiling.


% A Level pass rate 2016


School building erected