Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle Library Refurbishment

The central London based Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle school is an impressive place, housing approximately 3000 students within an inspiring environment.


As part of the schools ambitious development programme they wanted a complete library refurbishment of the junior school facility which had served well over the years but was now starting to look a little tired.

Having carried out successful projects for the Lycee previously we were delighted to be included in the design and construction of the new facility and to assist the school along its journey of success.


The existing space was starting to look very tired with heavy murals on the walls, low light levels and well-worn furniture. The leadership team and library staff were unanimous that the space needed to become inspirational, fun, warm and welcoming to the younger students as well as fulfilling all the practical necessities for teaching and resources.

The library space also had certain building design features such as porthole windows and a ceramic tiled floor which had to remain so these all needed to be incorporated into the scheme to maximum effect.



Following a detailed briefing session with Lycee Francais and an accurate site survey we brought our in house design team together for a brainstorm.

After a lively design session where all elements of the project were considered the initial concept was born. We picked up on the subtle features of the room and introduced some unique designs including curved shelving and our inspirational circular ‘snuggle’ unit.

The whole environment was invigorated through the use of white furniture and bright, up to the minute lighting. In addition to this, feature colours were brought out in the fabrics and furniture which complement the whole scheme.

Once the conceptual layout had been agreed we provided an accurate 3D view of the proposed new space – this was shown to the parents and Governors of the school to showcase the proposed new development.

Important criteria such as teacher sight lines, book storage quantity and type were carefully worked through ensuring that the final outcome was a complete success!

Once the project was onsite our dedicated project managers worked hard to construct and deliver the whole library refurbishment project within the summer vacation period. Our in-house manufacturing team also ensured that the furniture was made on time including the bespoke seating and storage units.


weeks project duration


metres sq