Northwood College For Girls Library Design

A centenary library, with characterful beams and a pitched ceiling provide the perfect canvas for a heritage-inspired new library space.

Library Design Case Study Video


We worked closely with the school through a series of design iterations. The result is a library space that accommodates modern learning methods, but nods back to the heritage and character of the space.


Housed within an ex-gymnasium, the design features within the old building help add significant character to the space, but not without other challenges. Throughout the design process we were paying attention to acoustics, lighting, heating and ventilation to ensure the finished space was a pleasure to work in.



Headteacher’s Office


Throughout the design process, the client was fully involved, from furniture choices through to fabric selection. September 2018 sees a new chapter for Northwood College for Girls, with Ms Zara Hubble taking over the headship of the school. We also worked with Zara and the team to redesign the headteacher’s office, located within the main school building, creating a space that reflects the ethos of the new school leadership team.
The mix of furniture within this headteacher’s office allows for a variety of activities, from full SLT meetings, to parent meetings and one-to-one conversations with students.




School Established


Library Building Built


Pass Rate Percent At A-Level