Putney High School

Our latest project with Putney High School required us to create a multifunctional, modern and innovative common room design to facilitate independent learning.


Putney High School have worked closely with Envoplan over the years; delivering multiple projects within the school. The ‘state of the art’ sixth form centre was completed in 2012. Putney High School partnered with Envoplan to create this inspirational new learning space. The common room design project was designed to give the students independence in their learning, alongside offering a choice of different learning environments.


We worked with Putney High School to create a common room interior design that suited all of its users. The choice of colours had to reflect the age of the students and the design of the space needed to be inspirational and up to date. As one of the leading girls schools in the UK, Putney High School had to ensure that the interior design and all furniture chosen was top quality and in keeping with the rest of the school.



We created and installed a colourful design scheme. The common room design project included break-out zones, classroom furniture and storage walls, dining areas, lockers, outdoor seating areas, meeting rooms, classrooms and offices. The learning environments were based on the ground floor, whilst the break-out and eating areas were located upstairs on the first floor.

The study areas were designed specifically for Sixth form learning, and integrate the use of state-of-the-art technology and other innovative features. The sixth form centre design and refurbishment project consisted of 2 café areas, an outdoor rooftop terrace, multiple break-out areas and traditional classroom spaces. There is also a fitness centre, which is only for use by the sixth form students.

The break-out zone is an ideal space for studying, meeting with tutors and mentors, or simply relaxing with friends. In designing a common room innovative use of colour makes the areas distinctive in themselves; with bright colours in ‘lively’ areas, and calmer colours like blues, creams and beiges in ‘quiet’ areas.


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