Royal Liberty School

We were tasked with creating an inspiring food technology classroom design to encourage more boys to get out of the classroom into the kitchen.


The Royal Liberty School faced a unique challenge in redeveloping their food technology classroom design. This was mainly due to the nature of the room, as the old design included a large number of built-in cupboards at one end of the room. These were part of the structure of the building and reduced the size of the room significantly. The room hadn’t been updated for a number of years and whilst the layout was still relevant, the school needed to refresh the interior design to bring it up to date.


The Royal Liberty School is an all-boys school and they wanted to encourage more boys to take up cookery. Envoplan were commissioned to create an inspirational food technology classroom design that would encourage the boys to take up this subject.

Having taken a look at the space and the restrictions that were in place, our classroom interior design experts proposed moving the structural walls to create more space in the room. This opened up the whole area into a more functional room and gave the teacher more space and the added ability to demonstrate from the front of the class.

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By removing the wall and installing a structural beam we created a feature archway to free up the space and add more interest to the room.  The classroom-facing wall was covered in a vinyl wall graphic that featured male celebrity chefs including Michel Roux and Jamie Oliver – to encourage more boys to develop their culinary skills.

Another unique feature that was successful in this food technology classroom design project was the individual curved demonstration units at the end of each workstation – these allow small groups of students and teachers to work together and discuss problems without disturbing the rest of the class. This curved end also gave some under-desk knee space, thereby giving the students a place to sit down to work on projects.

The storage units were designed to be able to incorporate all the storage space that the teachers needed – and more! This removed the need for multiple wall units around the room, and gave a cleaner, tidier feel to the room.

The clever use of colour in this food technology classroom design also helped to make the learning space more inspirational. The students all love the space and it has led to food technology being viewed as an attractive study option.




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Square metres non-slip vinyl flooring