St Albans School

We’re proud to have partnered with St Albans School in delivering a high-tech science laboratory design that continues to inspire students to greater achievements with a learning space full of cutting edge technology.


As an establishment with a wonderful heritage (the site has been home to schooling since 948AD), St Albans School generates a huge amount of interest to all that are associated with it – students and others alike.

The school has a rich foundation in science, with Professor Stephen Hawking being a distinguished alumni. Many of the students go on to study science in 6th form, and the subject plays a large part in the life of the boys at the school.

We’re proud to have partnered with St Albans School to deliver their physics laboratory. Located within impressive historical buildings, this new and improved science laboratory design holds cutting edge technology to offer the best education to its students.

The school has chosen to upgrade its facilities as a means to continue to attract new students and inspire all to greater achievements.


The findings of a recent report showed that the learning spaces needed upgrading to facilitate better results. Envoplan were asked to formulate the school’s ideas and bring them to life with refreshed designs for some of the laboratories. We chose a science laboratory design scheme that could be used throughout the department and within other areas of the facility.



The physics laboratory had to be a flexible and educational learning environment design, as the space was to be used by more than one teacher. We installed reconfigurable tables that can be moved around as and when the need arises. Integral power sockets within the tables meant that power could be accessed wherever it was required.

Furniture was chosen in the school’s traditional blue colour, which made the space easy to maintain as well as being clean and timeless. Fixed benching around the perimeter of the space housed the tip sinks and gas taps. The science laboratory design projects also included state of the art ‘Smartboard’ technology within our Teachingwall system. The Teachingwall formed a useful storage solution for teaching aids and other science equipment.

The interior design was made to offer the school the ability to reconfigure the space for a variety of activities. The finalised science laboratory design scheme and completed installation has been a revelation to the school – bringing a stunning mix of high quality finishes into one solution that offers flexibility and an inspirational learning experience.


Student chairs


Pupils in the school


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