Westminster Cathedral Choir School

We helped Westminster Cathedral Choir School to achieve a sophisticated yet functional dining space within their school. This stylish new dining space is multipurpose, and can be reconfigured for parent presentations and school assemblies.


This leading choir school updated their dining hall using signature colours; enhancing both looks and usability whilst creating a space that could be used for multiple purposes.
The project included interior design, new lighting, flooring, redecoration, furniture and wall graphics.

The school dining hall project brief included creating an attractive and quality environment that would suite with the existing character of the school building as well as bring a modern and airy feel to the dining area.


Westminster Cathedral Choir School wanted to create a multi-purpose space. With intelligent design we created a school dining hall that could be used for student dining by day, and parent presentations during the evenings. The school refectory combined sophisticated furniture with bright colours and stunning wall graphics to create a space that worked for both student and parents.



The design of this refectory required a sophisticated approach to the dining hall furniture. We installed 60:20 flip-top tables that combine functionality with great aesthetics. The stackable translucent red chairs compliment the school’s livery. Colourful sound-absorbing wall hangings help to enhance the space both visually and acoustically.
Lighting, wall decorations and flooring were carefully chosen to compliment the school’s stunning building, whilst being durable enough to withstand the daily use of hundreds of boys.


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