Project strategy

Project strategy

A large redesign project is a significant investment for your school. You need to ensure that any changes you make have been strategically considered. We’ll work with you ensure your refurbishment project strategy has all bases covered to ensure the best long term success of your project.

Curved layout - science lab refurbishment
Railway carriage in blended learning environment
Ipswich High School IRC Refurbishment

Involving stakeholders

Our Studyspace evidence-based design approach lets you ensure that all necessary stakeholders have input into your project. Whether you want to include students or governors in your project planning process, we have tried and trusted methods of securing information, ideas and opinions about your new space.

Helping you secure funding

We’ll work with you to help you secure relevant funding. Whether it be preparing bids or presenting to your governors, we have a wealth of experience in helping schools plan and budget for their design and refurbishment projects.

Watch how we worked with the students at Norwich High School to help them create their stunning new library.

Think we’re a good fit?

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