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School Dining Hall Refurbishment

We believe that school dining halls and refectories form an influential part of student life. These are the areas where students interact together and build social relationships. Today’s student dining experience is a tall order consisting of healthier food, better dining spaces and increased student numbers.

Over recent years, there has been an ever-improving development of school catering. The most forward-thinking schools are taking steps to improve the dining experience for their students.

High traffic volumes and rigorous daily use of the school dining hall calls for a durable and timeless design. Whilst the aesthetic look and feel of your new dining space is important, it is also crucial to ensure that your space works effectively too.

Planning Your Dining Space

By taking the time to carefully plan your dining hall refurbishment you can ensure that the results of your project will last longer and be more effective than a ‘quick fix’ solution.
Creating an inspirational school refectory is not as easy as it seems. It is important to bear in mind all the different factors. Before making any changes, it is necessary to establish the aims of your project, and form an idea of what the desired outcome should look like.

Envoplan’s Experience

Our in-house design team have many years of experience in creating dining spaces that really work. We consider all aspects; people flow and waste management, durable and functional furniture, and easy to maintain finishes. If you require your space to be multi-functional, we will accommodate this. Many of our clients require their school dining space to be used for parent presentations and all-school get-togethers. We will weave this into our design, creating a school dining space that is both inspirational and functional.

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