Music classrooms

Music classroom design

Whether you are searching for the perfect music classroom design, a storage solution for instruments, sound proofing solutions or a fully interactive student audio system, Envoplan are able to help you. We work with students, teachers and software developers to develop a solution that will truly suit your school’s needs. Our music classroom designs cater for traditional instruments and up-to-the minute digital technology alike.

Music classroom storage

Musical instruments require careful and accessible storage.  We’ll work with you to develop a storage solution for your music classrooms. Whether you require oversized storage or extra security, we’ll help you plan an intelligent storage solution. Our in-house manufacturing facility gives us greater flexibility, allowing us to choose from a wide range of different configurations, colours and finishes.

Music school – New build projects

Considering a new build music building? We can help you with interior architecture design strategy and feasibility studies. We’ll work alongside you to draw up detailed space plans, including storage, acoustics and furniture to ensure your finished building meets your unique requirements.

We work with architects and end users to ensure the interior layout of your space is going to work for you.  We’ll help you develop your design strategy, prepare funding bids or present your vision to stake holders.

To see more of our school refurbishment project images, head to our gallery.

Music classroom furniture

Our music classroom furniture is adaptable, flexible and designed to suit the needs of it’s users. We’ll take any space constraints in mind, offering you a furniture solution to suit your needs. Whether you’d prefer to maximise floor space or increase flexibility, we’ll help you strategise and implement furniture that will suit your requirements for years to come.

Sound proofing and acoustics

When re-purposing a traditional classroom into a designated music space, it’s important to ensure sufficient acoustic protection. We’ll help you with sound proofing and acoustical treatment within your music classroom design.

One touch music classroom system

We’ve worked with audio specialists to develop a unique music classroom solution. Our one touch package embraces digital technology and offers a fully interactive yet controllable class experience. Students are able to play, record, adapt and edit their music through keyboards, whilst the teacher is able to control the system via a tablet device or computer.

One touch benefits:

  • Digital System offering up to 512 channels – avoiding limits on class size
  • No student volume controls at desk-regaining control of noise levels
  • No mini mixer accessible – safely concealing all control equipment
  • Single lead is visible to the student- reduces the risk of hardware damage
  • Uses desk-mounted socket – student accessible parts are easily replaceable
  • Headphone 6.35mm & 3.5mm socket inputs – dual use faceplate
  • Customised touch screen at teacher desk – for simple and intuitive control
  • Automatically mute on system – the teacher is able to select which students play
  • Teacher has ability to mute all student headphones – for improved class control
  • Student PC in secure CPU holder beneath desk – improving IT hardware lifespan
  • Desk have only necessary leads visible – tidy room; better learning

Searching for a specialist music classroom solution?

We’ll help you develop a solution that suits your needs and enhances your student’s learning experience. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.