Evidence based office design

Increase the return from your office space with evidence based design

As a business leader, you will understand only too well how much your office space is costing you. If you are renting or leasing a building, your real estate costs are likely to be a substantial expenditure every month. Smart business owners are always looking for ways to increase productivity or simply cut down on their overhead costs. Your office space gives you an enormous opportunity for achieving both of these things.

There are many different ways to design an office. Most office design companies start with space planning and furniture styles. Perhaps they will talk about extending your office space into a mezzanine floor, or reducing the desk size to fit in growing numbers of staff. Whilst the aesthetics of your office are still hugely important to us, we believe that your designs should be backed up by evidence.

Evidence based office design is the only way you can guarantee that your office redesign or relocation project will enhance productivity and help your team to achieve more. Aside from the people-related benefits, many of our clients see significant real estate savings, as well as increased occupancy and a greatly improved office environment. Combine function with form to create a winning solution for your organisation.

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Create a beautifully efficient office space

Aside from enhanced efficiency within your team and better use of space, an effectively and strategically designed workspace will also allow for improved collaboration and job satisfaction. Design your office around the way you work, don’t force your team to work around the office design.

Implementing evidence-based office design will allow you to make real-estate savings, often saving space by up to 30%.

``We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.`` ~ Winston Churchill

Match your office space to your activities

Our unique Habit Action evidence-based design methodology has analysed a range of workspaces over a period of time. We understand how people behave in offices. How they interact, how they hold meetings and how they work. We have a deep understanding of the daily activities and challenges faced in the modern office.

Our analysis process takes a holistic view of the workspace, and allows you to truly understand what is going on in your space.

Too often offices have been designed around a concept that a project team ‘think’ will work for you. By undertaking the research in your office space, it allows you to connect form and function to create a workspace that perfectly suits your team and your unique ways of working. Our offices are beautifully yet scientifically designed.

Turn the upheaval into an opportunity

If you have been forced to make changes in your office due to lack of space, de-motivated staff or an upcoming lease break, you are faced with a huge opportunity. Use your workspace to reduce real estate costs, increase collaboration, and attract and retain talented individuals.

By undertaking the Habit Action analysis, you will be able to back up your decisions with facts and data. Knowing what you need in your office is far more powerful than simply guessing. The evidence from our Habit Action analysis will help you to make the right decisions, and make changes to optimise your workspace without impacting on staff wellbeing.

Aside from the office environment itself, you will also need to consider your virtual or digital environment. For example, are your people sufficiently equipped with wireless technology to be able to work away from their desks if they need to? Another important aspect to creating a more flexible office design is that your people need to understand how to use their new space. Clearly defined boundaries and expectations will help you to get the most out of your office redesign.

The Truth About Traditional Open Plan Offices

A few years ago, the open plan office hit the UK with a bang. There was a lot to love about the open plan office design. Many organisations saw improved collaboration and better colleague relationships. Unfortunately, there was also a lot not to love. With the open design came a wide range of drawbacks. The distractions and disruptions in an open plan workspace hugely damage productivity. These distractions are unavoidable unless the whole team sits in silence.

Another common challenge is a lack of suitable meeting space. The traditional open plan office has a few larger meeting rooms. Often the meeting space will have the capacity to hold a large amount of people, but is used for a lot of 2-4 people meetings. Meeting rooms are often booked up, and team members are forced to hold meetings at their desk, leading to distraction of other team members around them. So the battle goes on, and many people will opt to work away from the office if they need to concentrate.

If these challenges sound familiar, then it’s time to start considering an evidence based office design in your workspace.

Stat Alert

“When they need to focus, the percentage of workers who…”

Are disturbed by others0%
Prefer quiet workspaces0%
Focus better working from home0%

(Source: Gensler workplace survey 2013)

Discovering the evidence

Creating an evidence based design requires detailed analysis of your organisation’s working habits. We use our Habit Action statistical analysis tool to discover what is happening under the skin of your organisation. The Habit Action analysis takes an anonymous and non-intrusive approach. We work closely with your organisation to uncover what is really happening in your office space.

Once the research has been carried out, we will present you with a full report of our findings. This information gives you all the material you need to create an evidence based office design. From extensive analysis of the data, we can then design an office space that is guaranteed to enhance productivity, look stunning, and function perfectly too.
It’s a win win situation, and we have the data to prove it. Did you know that employees happy in their working environment are up to 31% more productive and are 300% more creative? Or that happy staff are 72% more likely to be loyal to your company? Employee productivity is inextricably linked to staff satisfaction.

Your office environment has more effect than you may realise…

66 %

drop in performance when exposed to distracting noise

24 %

increase in job satisfaction in a well designed office

16 %

productivity increase in a correctly designed workspace

Banbury SP. and Berry DC. (1998) Disruption of office-related tasks by speech and office noise. British Journal of Psychology 89:3, pp 499–517, Johnsons Controls Study

See what others have achieved

Significant saving in real estate costs in 1 year.

Arrow Country Supplies

57% increase in office space occupancy.

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Able to utilise a smaller office space and remain on the same site as their factory.

Are you seeing that evidence based office design makes perfect sense?

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