Can I make changes to the design plan after the work has started?

Yes, design changes can usually be accommodated in project program. However, please note, this may impact the timescales and costs.

Do you provide maintenance once a refurbishment/fit out has been completed?

All Envoplan services are guaranteed and we have developed maintenance plans for a number of our clients.

How do I go about planning an office refurbishment or fit out?

A good design brief is a great place to start. This is a summary of your requirements and desired outcomes. This should also include the vision of the company leaders. How the staff feel about their work today and analysis of how you currently work.

We’re thinking about re-designing our school/office interior, what should be our first step?

The first step should be to form a decision making team and arrange for them to meet with our consultant to discuss a strategy that will meet your objectives.

Why should I choose Envoplan over its competitors?

Envoplan are unique in that we believe in evidence based design. We know anyone can create a great looking office but how can you be sure it will improve your business or schools’ performance. Few other companies in our industry will be able to manufacture your furniture requirements. Envoplan has 95,000 square foot of manufacturing facility.

How much does it cost to refurbish or fit out an office?

The cost for a fit-out very much depends on the specification required. After consultation, Envoplan estimators will be able to give you budget cost proposals to give you an idea of the cost of your project.

Why does office design and space planning matter and how will it improve my business?

It’s all about people. We use interior design and space planning to nurture creativity and passion within the people who use our spaces. Happy people are 31% more productive. Happy people are also less likely to leave your organisation, are more creative and will generate more sales. Create an environment that enables your organisation to achieve greater results.

Whatever the size of your workspace, whether it’s a single office or a tower block, we can help you make the most of the space available. Using an innovative approach to space planning, our workspace consultants will take a detailed look at your office operations, then help you work out a design and layout that boosts business and increases productivity. A workspace design that encourages creativity and communication, reflects the activities carried out within it and prioritises staff wellbeing will lead effortlessly to better employee productivity.

Whether it’s creating a bit of a buzz by introducing a little more noise to the office or providing opportunities to personalise with task specific lighting design, there are so many imaginative ways to boost productivity with environmental workspace changes. When we feel happy, stimulated and looked after by our employers we’re more willing – and able – to go the extra mile in our work.

Why does school/college interior design and space planning matter and how will it affect student learning and engagement?

It may cut across the grain of our great grandfathers’ theory that long hours spent crammed in cold, Spartan classrooms under the fear of the Master’s cane helped ‘build character’, but actually comfortable conditions are more effective learning spaces.

Today, it is recognized that students react favourably to inspirational surroundings and the level of respectful peer behaviour, creative work outputs and mental concentration stamina can significantly change a school’s place in the results tables. In short, productivity is enhanced by positivity about your workspace; at Envoplan we call this “Happy people do more“.

Learning thrives in a positive atmosphere but falters in an uncomfortable one. But that’s not all: Other benefits we have witnessed include a 50% increase in take up of school’s meals after a canteen refurbishment, better staff attitude and dress code in a newly fitted office, and wowed parents tweeting their school’s modernization project to parents of other future students. The investment has a knock on effect that you wouldn’t account for.

Won’t the process cause staff/student disruption?

Maybe a little. Depends on the project size and location on the school site. But with Envoplan planned approach, the first disruption for some students and staff experience is a breath taking gasp as they walk back into a new space after the holidays. In other cases work zones are carefully managed during term time to ensure segregation of client and contractor access points, facilities, and noise creation periods. Even initial surveyor visits are often scheduled before school time to eliminate distraction. The best school managers make it a selling point of the scheme and put up communication board recording progress of the works, and people are more than willing to cooperate as they see the benefits the works will bring to them as they are recognised as valued stakeholders in the whole scheme.

What happens after the project is completed?

Every project is the start of a long term relationship with our clients. We’ll plan your office refurbishment to help you to future-proof your business against projected growth and change, allowing you to accommodate its extra needs as it grows over the years. We provide a friendly and professional aftercare service to ensure that your refurbished office is everything you wanted it to be. And if and when you need to make another change, we’ll be here to help. If you do decide to move your premises rather than refurbish your old one, make sure you check out our relocation checklist.

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