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The Ultimate Guide for School Facilities Master Planning

Looking to

School facilities master planning calls for a cohesive approach. Here are our top tips:

We’ll then be best placed to work alongside you to plan your facilities development ensuring you achieve exactly what your school needs.

Think strategically

Imagine your school has all the money and all the time in the world for your project.

What would you choose to do? This will help you qualify what is necessary and relevant, and is a great place to start. Removing constraints from your thinking will help you focus on what is important. 

Think Strategically

Understand your competition

How do you measure up?  Envoplan’s years of experience and intelligent design can help you stand out from the crowd  Delivering on your school’s overall development plan is more than just executing on decided deliverables. It’s all about how you measure up to other schools. The education sector is a competitive marketplace. Do you want to:

We can make sure your school is superior in every way. 

Understand your culture and ethos

Any changes you suggest in your facilities master plan must be suited and relevant to the ethos within your school.

Analyse and predict how your stakeholders will respond to changes in their environment, and invest appropriately to ensure your school’s future generations of students will enjoy the outcomes as much as the present ones will.

Understand Your Culture And Ethos

Timeless trends

Take your analysis for new ideas from a cross section of various students, staff and other stakeholders.

We are up-to-date with the latest technology and newest trends and can make your school a beacon of excellence with intelligent designs that will last.

How to get the best results

Ensure the best return from your investment:

Working with your school’s current successes will strengthen the impact of your new build or refurb.

How To Get The Best Results

Do your research 

From user surveys to building analysis, we offer a range of evidence-based interior design services.

An intelligent educational interior designer will help you develop a knowledgebase of data and research about your school’s unique needs, empowering you to make informed decisions, whilst interior design feasibility studies will ensure your school has top results for its future success.

Saving you money

Look for potential savings in your existing school facilities – an energy-efficient lighting system; a more intelligent boarding house layout to increase numbers.

Analyse what you could save, as well as what you could invest in. Envoplan can help you make those savings for the benefit of the environment, your school, staff and students meaning a happier, healthier work and study environment.

Saving You Money

Small changes - big impact

Shared areas in your school have the biggest impact on a wider number of students; libraries, dining spaces, washrooms – all have the ability to enhance individual student learning journeys.

Our designs aim to  increase student enrolment and engagement by considering the best approach to each area and implementing changes to benefit all students.

Involve students and other stakeholders in your facilities planning 

Our Studyspace user approach involves all your key users and decision makers, whether at the early strategy stage or the detailed finishing stages. Studyspace works with your governing body, senior leadership team, staff and students to influence the design or plan from their real needs.  The more they have a say now, the easier the journey when the project starts!

There’s no need to throw all decisions to the crowd, only to end up with a thousand different opinions. Here at Envoplan, we have tried and tested research methods that allow us to glean relevant information in a structured way. 

Involve Students And Other Stakeholders In Your Facilities Planning

Take a cohesive approach to your school facilities master planning

Combine your facilities and campus master planning with your curriculum delivery strategy and marketing plans to ensure you have all key selling points and developments connected and interwoven for the best long term success of your school buildings. 

The last word 

Build a Masterplan that you can realistically achieve.

Your school facilities master plan will be vitally important to the future of your school. Ensure you are getting the best return on your investment and making wise decisions.

New buildings can be expensive, but you can remodel existing buildings to suit your long-term needs. Connect with an education-specific interior design practise, that understands the vagaries of school life as well as the actual realistic costs of your development plans. Whether you are looking at a new building, zonal refurbishments or building redevelopment, working with Envoplan will make your school facilities modern, easy to use and at the top of any parent’s wishlist. 

The Last Word

Think we’re a good fit? 

If you’ve got a school refurbishment or interior design project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.
Simply call +44 (0) 20 8997 9656 or email us.


Case Studies

King Alfred’s School Collaborative Learning Centre

This new learning environment seeks to build young people’s self-reliance and self-sufficiency through independent and experiential learning.


Northwood College Cutting Edge Sixth Form Centre Design

This cutting-edge sixth form centre has directly led to a very positive impact on learning outcomes and wellbeing.


Bishop’s Stortford College Classroom Modernisation

This esteemed school commissioned a classroom modernisation within one of their historic buildings, producing fantastic results.

Westminster Academy

Westminster Academy Refurbishment Programme

Westminster School refurbishment programme has produced amazing results. Spaces including classrooms, science labs and music rooms were all re-done to provide a world-class learning environment.


Chingford Foundation School Sixth Form Renovation

Chingford Foundation School wanted to create a new, vibrant and different Sixth Form area to provide a fully integrated space which had its own identity.


Badminton School Library Refurbishment

Envoplan were asked by Badminton School to work on the design and refurbishment of the iconic Casson library to create a truly inspiring environment that would enhance the learning journeys of their students.


Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

Guildford High School collaborated with Envoplan to breathe some life into their learning spaces. Two science labs were refurbished.

Barrow Hills School - 013

Barrow Hills Library Renovation

This truly unique project was a real privilege to work on! Barrow Hills School is a wonderful Prep School tucked away in the Surrey countryside.


Ipswich High School boarding house refurbishment

This client was new to the boarding market and needed assistance and help with designing and setting up the whole facility.


Royal Masonic School Boarding House and Pastoral Hub Refurbishment

The existing boarding spaces at Royal Masonic School were extremely tired and dated and they needed to commence a programme of refurbishment and renovation.


Seaford College Technology Suite And Sixth Form Area Refurbishment

Seaford College asked us to design and then control the full fit out of the food technology suite and to source the furniture for the refurbished sixth form centre.


Tudor Hall School Contemporary Teaching Centre

Tudor Hall School invited us to work with them on their much-anticipated new Teaching Centre.

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