The science of creating awesome workspaces

Why we are totally and completely unique

Envoplan is a one-of-a-kind workspace design and build company. What sets us apart from the hundreds of other firms is that we possess a unique combination of left brained researchers and right-brained artists who create awesome work environments. We’ve studied the habits of offices just like yours. We’ve watched how people behave, how they interact, and how they hold meetings. We develop our design strategy by analysing both good and bad habits in the workplace. Our unique evidence-based design methodology allows us to truly understand your team’s daily activities and challenges.

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What’s the results?

Our design will optimise your workspace to the fullest without disrupting your team’s well-being. Occupancy can be increased by 30% or more on average. Or we can help you save you money because you’ll need less space. Our cutting-edge designed work environments will reinforce your culture, instill greater company pride, and spur changes where needed. This allows you to attract and retain top talent. Technology is now a way of life.

We’ll future-proof your workspace design so that it can easily accommodate new technologies and working habits. An intelligently designed work environment promotes flexibility and enables you to quickly react changing business needs. Finally, a beautifully designed office is an extension of your brand and is the ultimate competitive weapon to win more clients.

On average


of office space is wasted or underutilised. How much would you save if you reduced your rental costs by one third?

Research shows that


of employees are disturbed by others when trying to concentrate. How much do distractions impact productivity in your organisation?

Engaged employees are


less likely to leave your organisation. How is your workspace supporting your talent attraction strategy?

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We’re left-brained researchers and right-brained artists…

Our office spaces are beautifully, yet scientifically designed. We back up our workspace designs with research and we’re hugely focused on numbers. We create environments that help you meet and achieve your long-term business goals with confidence and peace of mind. Back up your gut feelings with evidence and justify your decisions with facts and data. Let our left-Brained researchers working with our right-brained design artists will help you create your new awesome workspace. We’re Envoplan. Brains and beauty. Deeply analytical. Defying logic with logic.


Think we’re a good fit?

If you’ve got a project coming up, and can see the sense in taking the evidence-based design route, we’d love to chat.