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Learn how we can help you increase your students' results by up to 25%!

Interested in knowing how we can increase your students’ results by up to 25%? Student performance and behaviour is influenced by the surroundings in which they:

We can help you give your students the best chance of success.

We Offer

Professional creative design aligned with practical experience from our long experience of working within schools.

We Innovate

Our school interior design team are constantly pushing the boundaries to develop new, exciting and stimulating learning environments for our clients.

Your Design

You will get the right design for your school, whether new build or renovation of a classic building.

We Offer

Listed buildings and heritage spaces 

We’ll protect and magnify the heritage of your school buildings with our intelligent approach to school interior design.

Our experienced approach means we know what to suggest and why; and we’ll work with you at every stage to guarantee your project fits your requirements.

From finishes to furniture, we’ll ensure that whatever we install in your space will let the beauty of your old buildings shine through. Our bespoke craftsmen can create exactly the right pieces for your school.

Old buildings still need new technology so we’re ever mindful of the fact that you’ll need to accommodate updated ways of learning into your learning spaces. We’ll work with you to develop a school interior design scheme that suits your needs on all levels. Our wealth of experience means we can advise the latest technology for your learning areas.

User-centred design 

We design with your school in mind.

Our user-focussed approach to design means that your learning spaces will be suited to the tasks undertaken in your school every day.

We’re happy to come with new ideas and challenge perceptions or keep to a more traditional approach – either way, we help you accommodate the future within your school interior design project. 

maximise the space

Studyspace research 

Studyspace is our intelligent approach to school interior design.

We have a unique process that involves various stakeholders within your school for their vision to create, design and build a space that really works for you.

Our Studyspace research process helps us uncover the desires, needs and preferences of your individual requirements, ensuring staff and students alike have a say in creating educational areas that work for everyone. Studyspace helps us be more creative in solving your issues or improving your learning areas and makes your stakeholders feel involved.

Whether you need to overcome challenges in your space or accommodate more students, taking an intelligent approach to your school interior design will enable you to create an environment that welcomes, inspires and motivates. 

A strategic approach 

Our evidence-based approach to school interior design relies on data and information to create a space that suits the needs of learners and teachers alike.

Any designer can create a space that looks good. Here at Envoplan, we focus on creating school environments that look amazing and function perfectly. 

A Strategic Approach

Our Process 


Survey, analyse and collect the facts. It’s at this stage we collect the data about what’s really going on in your space. 


The discovery stage is all about people. We unearth the needs of the people who exist in your space. 


Our imaginative team will create a school interior design scheme that sets your school apart and inspires your staff and students to be the best they can be. 


We have an in-house team of project managers and furniture specialists that have the expertise required to deliver your projects. With a huge range of projects of all size in our experience, you can count on us for guidance and support throughout the build process.


Get it right first time 

Create a timeless learning environment that suits students of any age.

Undertaking the necessary research through our Studyspace process will give you the data you need to make informed decisions about your learning environment.

Our unique approach gets into the fabric of your school and takes account of what is going on in the hearts and minds of the users of your space. 

Get It Right First Time

Why evidence based school interior design?

Understanding what is going on in your space is the best way to ensure your project is a success.

Base your refurbishment and redesign decisions on facts and data. The Studyspace approach to school interior design takes the data as well as the intangible knowledge collected from internal collaboration and focus groups.

Our research gives you the basis to make decisions knowing that you are supported by your stakeholders.

Think we’re a good fit? 

If you’ve got a school refurbishment or interior design project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.
Simply call +44 (0) 20 8997 9656 or email us.


Case Studies

King Alfred’s School Collaborative Learning Centre

This new learning environment seeks to build young people’s self-reliance and self-sufficiency through independent and experiential learning.


Northwood College Cutting Edge Sixth Form Centre Design

This cutting-edge sixth form centre has directly led to a very positive impact on learning outcomes and wellbeing.


Bishop’s Stortford College Classroom Modernisation

This esteemed school commissioned a classroom modernisation within one of their historic buildings, producing fantastic results.

Westminster Academy

Westminster Academy Refurbishment Programme

Westminster School refurbishment programme has produced amazing results. Spaces including classrooms, science labs and music rooms were all re-done to provide a world-class learning environment.


Chingford Foundation School Sixth Form Renovation

Chingford Foundation School wanted to create a new, vibrant and different Sixth Form area to provide a fully integrated space which had its own identity.


Badminton School Library Refurbishment

Envoplan were asked by Badminton School to work on the design and refurbishment of the iconic Casson library to create a truly inspiring environment that would enhance the learning journeys of their students.


Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

Guildford High School collaborated with Envoplan to breathe some life into their learning spaces. Two science labs were refurbished.

Barrow Hills School - 013

Barrow Hills Library Renovation

This truly unique project was a real privilege to work on! Barrow Hills School is a wonderful Prep School tucked away in the Surrey countryside.


Ipswich High School boarding house refurbishment

This client was new to the boarding market and needed assistance and help with designing and setting up the whole facility.


Royal Masonic School Boarding House and Pastoral Hub Refurbishment

The existing boarding spaces at Royal Masonic School were extremely tired and dated and they needed to commence a programme of refurbishment and renovation.


Seaford College Technology Suite And Sixth Form Area Refurbishment

Seaford College asked us to design and then control the full fit out of the food technology suite and to source the furniture for the refurbished sixth form centre.


Tudor Hall School Contemporary Teaching Centre

Tudor Hall School invited us to work with them on their much-anticipated new Teaching Centre.

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