Analysing The Feasibility Of A School Renovation Project: A Step By Step Guide

If you have been thinking about a renovation project for your school but don’t know where to start, look no further; whether you are looking for new buildings or to redevelop existing areas, our Ultimate Guide for School Facilities Master Planning will help your school maintain its site superiority every step of the way:

Strategic Considerations

If money was no object, what changes would you like to see? You may be surprised by what our experienced design team can do – this will also clarify what is important and necessary for your build, both for current and future generations of students and staff. It’s not simply about what you spend, it’s what you can save – energy efficient systems can benefit your staff and students with a happier, healthier work and study environment. Shared areas have a big impact on a wider number of students so make these a priority.
What areas of your school need to be renovated? Are your Science Labs in need of a remodel, would your Dining Hall benefit from a layout that instils calm into your students or do your Boarding Houses require updating? The final aim of your project should dovetail with your school’s development plan; this ensures all of the outcomes will be focused, relevant and specific to your learning environment.

Timeless Trends

We match the latest in digital technology with the newest trends but always in keeping with your surroundings – whether your school is housed in a traditional, classic building or a more modern style, our bespoke intelligent designs flatter every centre of learning excellence. But don’t just take our word for it…

Case Study 1: Summer Fields

We work with successful schools all over the UK and each one has a unique style. The leadership team at top boys’ prep school Summer Fields (founded in 1864 and set in 70 beautiful acres in Oxford) wanted a new Dining Hall interior design to be sympathetic with the era of the school making the most of their existing architectural features but creating a real wow factor for visitors. 

Our team created a bespoke range of solid oak furniture with upgrades to lighting, flooring, paneling and complete redecoration to enable multifunctionality for events with comfortable, practical and sturdy furniture to stand the test of time.

Case Study 2: Tring Park School

Located in a stunning mansion originally designed by world famous architect St Christopher Wren in 1865 and previously a museum owned by the Rothschilds, staff at Tring Park School were now looking to upgrade their Mansion and Clock House Boarding Houses. Obviously a key factor when working with Tring was its amazing history and how to incorporate that into current plans. The areas needed to facilitate socialisation and independence fusing contemporary and traditional designs. Our furniture installations provided students with efficient study spaces, sturdy desks and comfy chairs and plenty of discreet under bed cupboard space for additional storage.

We offer a range of evidence based interior design services for all schools, colleges, nurseries and more. Our intelligent educational interior designers will help you develop a knowledgebase of data and research about your school’s unique needs, empowering you to make informed decisions, whilst interior design feasibility studies will ensure your school has top results for its future success.

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