4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Leasing Your Next School Development Project

Did you know you can lease school development projects? By taking advantage of specialist finance packages, you are able to spread the cost of the project work across multiple years. Many schools lease purchase school IT equipment, but it is also possible to lease any development works in your school.

There are many benefits to leasing


Overcome budget limitations: Make the most of your budget by using a lease to spread the cost of your project. This means that you can select the solution that best meets your needs and requirements, rather than that which your budget dictates.

Fixed payments for accurate budgeting: Unlike other methods of finance, payments are fixed for the duration of the lease period making budgeting more accurate, and eliminating unexpected variations such as increases in interest rates.

Spread the payments: Pay for the space as you use itSpread the cost with regular payments so you pay as you benefit from the asset, not upfront. By using leasing the cost is spread over each year group that will get full use of the financed facility.FlexibleYou can pay quarterly, annually, or termly to suit you. If your needs change, you can add to your existing lease at any pointduring the rental period.We partner with approved finance and leasing partners to offer you the best deal. Speak to one of our financial advisers today to discuss how leasing your next project could work for you!

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