White. grey and orange Teaching Wall installation at Putney High School classroom design and learning

5 Ways To Make Your Classroom Effective


Staff and students spend most of their time in the classroom area. Making sure they are comfortable and productive is essential with our individual desks, tables and storage solutions. Our innovative Teaching Wall combines storage and teaching functions inone integrated unit. Teaching Wall combines abundant storage with an integrated compartment for a smart-board or whiteboard.

Natural Light

At Envoplan we share children’s strive for natural light and recognise that graphic adjustment is one of the more important ways of learning. Another challenge is the need of the shading of daylight. Our intelligent space-planning highlights these basic needs at an early stage.

Intelligent Use Of Space

Allowing room to breathe and space to explore is essential in a classroom. Creating adequate circulation zones and producing a feeling of space is essential for a safe and calm classroom. Particular attention needs to be paid to the age of the class and variety of activities in question.

Minimise Disruption

Dependent on the length of the lesson, a big disruption can be student discomfort and this can even influence results –which is a key pointer of a successful school. A furnished seat pad may cost a little more, but what will you pay for success of your school?

Use Of Colour

Envoplan view colour as an influential project feature that can be turned on. The effect of an accent colour, or the systematising impact of colour coding is astounding and continuously adds a finishing touch that clients love.

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