School Reception area

6 Things People Like To See In A School Reception Area

According to research carried out by The School of Educational Administration and Management 2014, the top 6 things that visitors like to see in a school reception area are as follows:

Clearly sign-posted and easy to find

Well decorated

Displays of student’s work on the walls

To be offered a hot drink

Comfortable seating areas

A friendly, welcoming receptionist

How is your school impressing your visitors?

Many different people walk through your school doors every day –whether it be prospective students, new members of staff or a parent. Make sure that the first impression you create is a good one.

A school reception area is more than skin deep. A friendly atmosphere helps to reflect the character and ethos of your school. But the reception area has more purposes than just being an entranceway to your school. It is likely to be a fully functioning central hub for your school where all the administration, paper storage and IT solutions are handled daily. The flow of people within this space has to be carefully considered. Make sure that your reception area is reflecting the great place that your school is.

How can we help you?

Speak to our designers today to find out how to achieve a more welcoming school reception area.

We have 40 years’ experience in creating school interiors that help you get more from your people. Whether this is your students, staff or visitors.


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