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6 Ways You Can Use School Wall Graphics To Improve Your Student Environment

Most forward-thinking schools are constantly trying to find ways to upgrade their school environment.

Installing school wall graphics can benefit your students in a number of ways: Inform students about a particular element of the curriculum by creating a feature wall. For example, a periodic table in the science laboratory, or a timeline in the history classroom

Help with wayfinding. Use school wall graphics to indicate where certain classrooms or faculty blocks are located

Bring the school branding onto the walls to help give a clearer school identity

Segregate ‘special’ areas in the school. For example, Harris Boy’s School created a VIP restaurant area and used a London themed wall graphic to give the space a touch of class.

Inspire students with eye-catching school wall graphics. Especially in creative areas such as art studios or technology classrooms

Remind students of the school’s ethos or code of conductFind out how you can use school wall graphics to inspire your space by speaking to one of our designers today

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