8 features every good school washroom should have

More and more research is pointing up the importance of having suitable washroom facilities, so we have put together a short guide on what to look for.

It’s not all about having shiny new school washrooms, but more about ensuring that your facilities are well maintained and pleasant for the students to use. Keep your school toilets in mind whilst reading through this list to see how they score…

School washrooms should always be easy to supervise. Without sacrificing student privacy, you need to ensure that your toilets are well supervised. School washrooms that are too private become hotspots for bullying and unacceptable behaviour.

Make sure your washrooms are simple to keep clean. Excessive tiling details and impractical colours can lead to your school toilets being a maintenance nightmare. Extend the life of your school toilets by choosing a design and finishes that are easy to maintain.

School toilets should have bright, clean lighting. Bright, hygienic lighting helps to make the space more pleasant.

Ensure that you have non-slip flooring to keep your students safe.

Supplies of soap, paper towels and toilet roll should be well stocked. Ensure that the environment is well maintained by scheduling regular checks for these items.

The cubicles in your washrooms should be the correct size for the students that are using them. If your toilets are being used by a wide range of ages, it is always best to favour the older students. Also consider the size of the toilet pan and ensure that this is not too large or too small for your users.

Energy efficiency should be of a high standard in your washrooms. Consider the efficiency of electrical items such as hand dryers and lighting. Also pay attention to the water-usage of both the taps and toilet flushes. How much could you save if you were to cut down on these resources?

Do your school washrooms have adequate odour control? A pleasant atmosphere in your toilets will undoubtedly help to motivate your students.

Is it time to upgrade your washroom facilities?If you would like assistance with a school toilet refurbishment project, get in touch with one of our team.

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