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Coolest Charging Products for Education Environments

Good use of technology in the classroom requires careful thought. Technology in all its forms should feel like it has a natural place in a learning environment. To achieve this accessibility, usability and function should be at the forefront of an educator’s mind.

Nothing stops the momentum of a well-planned lesson involving technology like the little red battery icon blinking threateningly in the corner. In this article we run you through the coolest charging products for education so that your hardware be raring to go.

Desktop cable ports with USB and pin plugs

Let’s start with the basics. A simple cable port built in to desks allows accessible and easy charging while the devices in your classroom are in use. Air chargeIs there anything more slick or high tech then the air charging device? Pair this with soft seating for a laid back and relaxed approach to integrating technology in your classroom practice. Wireless charging towerGot an area in the school where this might look good?  Think about branding the stand with the school colours for extra wow factor.


Easy to install and even easier to use –A Power track offers movable charging into any room and can be fitted retrospectively.

Multifunctional Solutions

Think about clever ways to integrate charging solutions. Take this beautifully simple table lamp with built in USB charging. No more ugly wires.

Integrate charging into the furniture of the school furniture.

A desk tidy that also acts as an air charging station –Perfect for a boarding house dorm.

Seamlessly weave charging into communal spaces for ease of access.

Multi device chargingLooking to house a whole set of class iPads? This sleek cabinet not only looks smart but is secure and offers wireless charging –perfect for younger pupils.

Are your pupils needing to charge all their personal devices at once? The selection below would be perfect for common rooms, libraries and boarding houses.

Source: AmazonSpeak to Envoplan for assistance with integrating technology into your learning spaces!

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