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Finding The Right Classroom Seating

There are so many different classroom seating options, and choosing the right ones can be confusing. Trying to find a healthy balance between budgetary constraints, durability and comfort is not an easy task, so we’ve picked our top 6 best-selling classroom chairs and scored them all.We hope you will find ituseful next time you need to replenish your classroom seating stock, and helps to ensure you purchase quality school furniture.

The Postura Chair


Great for student posture

No sharp edges

6 Sizes available –from Nursery to Adult

Choose from 15 colours

Stack up to 12 in one pile

10 Year guarantee100% recyclable

Wipe clean

Seat cushions are available

No small parts.


Heavy to move around

Can appear juvenile in a more adult environment

The Uni Chair



Functional and chic classroom seating design

Ability to stack 21 chairs high

15 year guarantee

Available on short lead times


Only available in 2 sizes; Size 5 (430mm high) and Size 6 (460mm high)

Choose from 9 colours

The Classic Chair


Choose from 16 colours

15 year warranty

Choice of frame colour available

Sophisticated design

Suitable for adult use

Ergonomically shaped back

Matching task chair available


Not all colours are available in all sizes

Stacks up to 6 chairs high

The Harmony Chair


Optional seat cushion available

Manufactured in the UK

Linking system available
Tamper proof fixings

Available in 10 colours

Stackable, making them an ideal classroom seating solution

Cons5 year guarantee

Built for comfort but not aesthetically stylish

The Pep Chair


10 year guarantee with a 20 year life expectancy

UV resistant so colour won’t fade

100% recyclable

Suitable for outdoor use if required


Durable and easy to clean

Moulded design means no small parts or fastenings

Cons3 week lead time

Price is reflective of the excellent quality

The Lotus Chair


Available in different seat options –stool, task chair and high stool.

Available in 12 colours

UV resistant


Suitable for outdoor use
5 year guarantee

Cantilever chair gives a hygienic stacking option for tables


Price may be too high for many classroom seating budgets

Uses 2 materials so fixings are present

Limited size range

3 week lead time

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