10 Ways Envoplan Can Help Reduce Your School’s Energy Bills In 2023

Everyone is looking to reduce their energy consumption and school business managers are no different. Here are ten easy ways that Envoplan can help your school save money and the environment. We can support you whether you are looking to expand or simply want to find ways to bring costs down in your school:

1. Consider Envoplan’s modular buildings

Our service from concept to completion means bespoke design, manufacture and build of modular buildings through to installation, including interior and exterior design, all groundworks and associated landscaping to suit your school. Cheaper than new builds and up to 70% quicker to build than traditional construction methods.

2. Turn off lights wherever possible

As well as saving money, using natural light from Envoplan’s intelligently designed south facing windows can be brighter and better for your eyes.

The benefits

3. Edubuild your school

Envoplan’s Edubuild gives your school more room in a sustainable environment with high quality building and finishes for increased energy efficiency.

4. Stop the taps running

Encourage students and staff to turn off taps and reduce waste water in lessons and at breaktimes. We offer clever water features to assist you in lowering your bills

Project Management

5. Expansion with less disruption

We guarantee times to suit for your building installation; fewer weather delays and, with up to 90% reduced construction movements, choosing Envoplan is better for the environment.

School & Education Spaces Furniture Manufacturing

6. Unplug electronic items when not in use

From additional screens to air conditioning – if you’re not using them save the electricity! Contact us to find out more about our advanced technology and digital options.

Sixth Form Centres

7. Deal with small issues before they become bigger ones

Whether it’s a small leak or a tiny hole, fix it at the earliest stage. Our trained and professional staff can advise on the best way to make your classrooms fit for purpose and built to last for generations.

Wealth Of Experience

8. Economise and reduce waste

Envoplan’s modular building and factory construction enables a more economic use of materials at all levels to make expansion cheaper, easier and greener.

Modular building manufacturing and construction 

9. Save energy in your Café, Dining Halls and Outside

Turn off any fridge or ovens not in use, keep door seals maintained and sealed; we can advise and design the best dining hall layouts for maximum energy savings. Look at procuring energy more sustainably and at the best rates available as well as increasing renewable energy from solar panels, which can generate up to a quarter of their electricity.

10. Your school – your time

Envoplan’s modular buildings are installed at your convenience. Term time or holidays, your building programme can be closely controlled to make sure you save money. It really couldn’t be easier to add space to your school grounds.

School & Education Spaces Modular Buildings

For more details on how your school can become more energy efficient, call the team at Envoplan today.

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