Academy Revolution Underway: Plans Revealed by DFE

The Department of Education has revealed plans for all schools to be in – or in the process of becoming part of or creating – an Academy Trust by 2030.

Here are our top tips for Academy Schools:

Better Behaviour, Ethos And Enrichment.

Behaviour impacts every part of the fabric of your school; directly contributes to how valued your staff feel, and is often the first thing your visitors see when they come to look around. 

Your school uniform, logo and motto are instantly recognisable and students and staff should feel proud of their learning establishment and its ethos. Improving behaviour has many additional benefits for your school including more of your students with visibly better results both in their work and relationships with friends, and higher staff satisfaction and retention levels. 

Enrich your school with a smart, updated look that pulls together everything your school stands for with colours, materials, storage, dining spaces and more – create calm, zoned areas that inspire and improve your students’ behaviour and success.

Eating Well = Living Well

School dining halls and refectories form an influential part of student life as key areas where students interact together and build long-lasting social relationships. 

The most forward-thinking schools are taking steps to improve the dining experience for their students. Traffic volumes and rigorous daily use of the school dining hall call for a durable and timeless design. 

The intelligent layout of our dining halls means students can spend more time doing what is important to them – sports, socialising, attending clubs – and less time trying to navigate old queueing systems, meaning they will feel happier, more ready to concentrate and have a much more positive attitude throughout the day.

Building Futures through STEM

We understand that your school science laboratories are hugely important to the ongoing success of your STEM strategies. 

Our experienced designers will pay attention to all aspects of your space including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and acoustics. With an eye to the smallest details, our science laboratories have both wow factor and impact. 

Your STEM strategy should be holistic and structural, promoting hands-on engagement and involving students through real-life learning – working in such a professional space encourages more students to take up science.

Increasing Engagement by Design

The décor of a classroom goes a long way in establishing the tone and feel of your learning environment. 

Children are particularly susceptible to their surroundings and they need to be engaged instantly, in a stimulating setting with furniture perfectly suited to its purpose and including areas for students to be able to maximise their potential. 

Envoplan can work with you to design and establish a learning environment that maximises impact for all stakeholders, with fantastic furniture to fit your school’s individuality. A classroom refit can be the impetus for a whole school culture shift, providing the provision to take your children’s learning in an innovative and exciting new direction.

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