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How Classroom Layout Can Help Improve Learning

Instilling success in the classroom

Classrooms are the centre of learning for young people; therefore it is vital schools manage to create spaces to instil success, expand learning opportunities and nurture a culture of confidence. Flexible layouts with natural light and optimum temperature provide a wonderful space for students to learn in an open environment with teachers facilitating collaborative learning. This way, your young people learn how they learn best, with access to digital technology at their fingertips and embedded in their subject areas or classrooms.  Teachers can respond to learners’ needs effectively and quickly, ensuring all students stay engaged, interested and remain active participants throughout.

What is best for your school?

However, classrooms can be laid out in a number of ways.  Instructional learning, with the teacher at the front, is still popular (and in some cases has been brought back after the pandemic), as is the ‘guide to the side’ approach that many schools have adopted as best practice or the ‘horseshoe’ shape for easy communication with the teacher at all times. Class layouts can promote working together as one group, smaller teamwork or solo working for those projects that need extra concentration.


What can Envoplan offer?

Our expert classroom design and fit outs suit every style of school whether traditional or modern, with plenty of valuable storage tucked away. Rooms can be easy to rearrange for a variety of uses and teaching styles with our Teaching Wall – a wonderful addition to any class. We offer a huge range of layouts to maximise the best learning environment for your school incorporating the latest digital technology with bespoke designs.

We have years of expertise and can advise on the benefits of multiple layouts. Your staff and students are at the heart of every one of our classroom designs.

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