Reading Well: Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Did you know that just six minutes a day spent reading can reduce stress levels by up to 60%?

With Envoplan’s intelligent design and fit, your school library can be transformed, giving your students a love of reading at all ages.

Improve Health and Wellbeing for Your Students and Staff

There are so many ways that increased reading positively affects your students and staff. 

From enhancing knowledge, imagination and creativity, to aiding sleep, relaxation and strengthening cognitive learning, your learning environment should have the best areas for students to be able to read in. 

Whether your library is within a listed building or part of a new build, we make sure it fits its surroundings perfectly, to ensure it becomes a central part of any prospective parents’ school tour. 

Our in-house manufacturing means we have the freedom and experience to create the perfect space for staff and students alike.

How You Can Encourage a Love of Reading

People who read are said to be more empathetic, able to handle their emotions and better at decision making. In addition, readers are thought to be honest, ambitious and intelligent. 

Your students need areas to work in that give them inspiration so they can concentrate on increasing knowledge and understanding throughout their years with you. 

Our experienced school library design team nurtures and builds on your students’ natural curiosity to help them find inspiration to accelerate their learning. 

Our stunning spaces will soon become at the heart of your school’s learning programme – school libraries now are much more than simply spaces for books. 

The finer details of your library’s interior design and refurbishment can include signage, flexible seating configurations, lighting and acoustics, to help make your library become a valued and beloved part of the school where students know they will feel supported and enriched.

Fact, not Fiction

Reading strengthens writing and vocabulary, is a safe way to explore emotions and improves memory at all ages. We build to suit your needs whilst aiming to ignite neural pathways with our professionally designed learning centres. 

These can include individual work pods, comfortable group seating or silent work corners with the latest in interior design, digital collaboration with books, newspapers and magazines on bespoke shelving – everything your staff and students need to succeed. 

We’ll ensure your environment is unique, giving you a competitive edge as well as a stunning learning environment.

Book Timings to Suit You

If you prefer a term time fit out for your learning centre, we can offer you: increased flexibility with timescales; start and finish dates to suit your requirements – not tied to holidays or end of terms; shorter lead times on certain products; budgets can be spread across the year and we can minimise your stress and disruption during the holidays. 

Loud and messy works can be completed outside of school hours; at weekends, or before and after school time with deliveries at times to suit you. 

We’ll work around your school timetable to ensure there will be no disruption to your normal school day.

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