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Top 5 Benefits Of Carefully Positioned Lighting

The placement of lighting in a classroom brings numerous benefits to your staff and students.  Read on to see Envoplan’s top 5 benefits of carefully positioned lighting.

1. Increased Cost Saving And Safety   

Installing white LED bulbs around your school saves on your energy bills meaning you pay less for your lighting and due to their cooler touch, they are safer for students and staff alike.  

2. Better Vision And Visibility 

We find school lighting can often be harsh and it’s our mission here at Envoplan to balance light and shade for your classrooms to bring out the best in your school! While white blubs are both cleaner and easier to view, there are different levels of brightness – soft white gives out a warmer feel, whereas cool white is brighter and can light up a larger area. Our experienced designers can advise you on what colour lights will work best for your learning spaces. 

3. Lighter, Brighter And More Welcoming Learning Spaces 

Envoplan can make your classrooms more impressive with lighting that highlights the entire room by creating a transformation – learning spaces will look bigger and brighter, with colours and textures carefully added to accentuate its luminosity. Lights that reflect off your classroom walls increase the vision of depth and height of a room to ensure your school maximises every area of its teaching spaces. 

4. Create A Feeling Of Warmth 

Interestingly, bright lights indicate feelings of heat and can even make people literally feel warmer. Bring strong positive feelings into your classrooms with the placements of lights around the room to show off your school to its fullest extent; or add Envoplan’s intelligently designed cosy areas for more of an intimate feel with smaller teaching groups or individual study spaces. Indeed, we offer lighting choices that work together to provide different uses in the same room if required, ensuring your students can feel comfortable and supported whatever activity they are engaged in.  

5. Bring New Energy To Your Classrooms 

Well-designed lighting placement has numerous benefits for everyone in your school from stabilisation of the circadian rhythm to helping people sleep better, thus lifting moods and cognitive awareness. Good lighting positioning even works in the brain to increase the feelings of being alert in your learning spaces.  Your students’ memory will be stronger and their overall brain health means levels of engagement remain high throughout your lessons, to increase their chances of success. 

Working in well-lit areas reduces headaches and eye strain, tiredness and improves health and wellbeing. Staff and students will work better, feel better and engage more with lighting that gives them a glow throughout their day. 

To find out more about how Envoplan’s lighting experts can brighten up your school, please contact us today. 

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