Ten Super-Cool Learning Environments From Around The World

We’ve discovered some amazing learning environments in all corners of the globe! See just how stunning a school environment can be…

Vittra School –Telefonplan,

SwedenDesigner: Rosan Bosch Studios

Photo: Kim Wendt

The original ‘School Without Walls’ is a learning environment that was ahead of it’s time. Built in 2011, this creative environment empowers students to choose learning zones that best suit their individual learning styles.English Town, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamDesigner: Red5StudioPhoto: Quang TranWhat a great place to learn English! This learning space is divided up into caves, and everything is designed to make students feel like they are learning in a forest.Boarding House at Roedean School, UKDesigner: Buckley Gray Yeoman ArchitectPhoto: Roedean SchoolBoutique hotel-come-boarding house. What’s not to love? The quality of these spaces reflects the school’s commitment to excellence. We’re privileged to be working with the Roedean Group on other redevelopment projectswithin the school!Library, Biblioteca Parque Villalobos, Sao Paulo, BrazilDesigner: DM/AMPhoto: Nelson KomOk so this isn’t strictly a school, but I’m sure we’re all agreed that you can learn in a library. And what a library! This library includes a creativity room with culinary equipment, a playroom and a teen space amongst other fantastic facilities.Khoroshevskaya Gymnazium, Moscow, RussiaDesigner: Martela

Photo: Oleg SidorovAt the heart of this stunning secondary gymnasium lies a 4 floor atrium,with three 12-meter ladders which appear to float in the air! This school has multiple learning spaces enabling students to choose where and how they work.ALT School, New York, USADesigner: Architecture + InformationPhoto: Magda BiernatThis school start-up firm has an alternative teaching methodology that responds to student’s needs and integrates technology into the learning journey. The sophisticated colour scheme in this project caught our eye –a great use of shades that are both bold and peaceful.Frankston Primary School, AustraliaDesigner: Chaulk StudioPhoto: Jaime Diaz-BerrioThis bright and airy primary school uses bright colours and a range of shapes and spaces. With inspiration drawn from JR Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and design ideas taken from student feedback, this space is both welcoming and hugely functional.Roosevelt High School, Wyoming, USADesigner: Cuningham GroupPhoto: Astula, IncRoosevelt High School’s curriculum is built around ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ which combines exercise with classroom instruction to improve student attainment. We’re liking this break-out bleacher seating to connect staff and students.Erika Mann Grundschule II, Berlin, GermanyDesigner: Baupiloten StudioPhoto: The Cool HunterThe pupils at this school were heavily involved with the architects, resulting in a truly user-centred design scheme. With spaces named ‘The Snuffle Room’ and ‘The Chill Room’ we’re on the verge of flying out to Germany to see just how cool this school is!Private Kindergarten,Israel

Designer: Lev-Gargir ArchitectsPhoto: The Cool HunterArchitect collaborating with toy designer equals a truly amazing kindergarten space. This Scandinavian-inspired play space uses muted colours and calming tones, resulting in a stimulating and creative environment for the children.Searching for a team that can design and build a cool environment in your school


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