Term Time Working FAQs

Term Time Working FAQs

11:01 27 February in Education, News and views, Project delivery, Term time working

Completing school refurbishment work during term time is a new concept, but we’re finding more and more schools are adopting this method, for various reasons.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

We need to use that classroom for lessons, how will this work?

We endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. We will always take the time to talk through arrangements that we put in place during the building work. We can help you find alternative accommodation or even arrange for temporary building solutions.

What happens if there are noisy works?

We understand that it is paramount that learning can continue uninterrupted. Any noisy procedures, such as drilling or hammering, will take place outside of normal school hours.

How do we know the subcontractors are safe to be working within our school?

We take the time to ensure that all subcontractors and site managers on your project are DBS certified.

We can’t have lorries and vans moving in the school carpark as this puts pedestrians in danger.

We will pay close attention to the school timetable and ensure that no children or staff are subject to risk due to the movement of vans and lorries. We will always arrange for deliveries to take place during quiet periods to ensure there is no danger to those at the school. This can be early in the morning or later in the evening at your convenience. Once we have assessed your school site, we would endeavour to establish separate site access for any vehicles, again reducing the impact of any building work.


What if students wander onto the building site?

The access to the building site will be safe and secure, meaning that no students or unauthorised persons will be able to gain access whilst we are at work, or at any time that the site is operational.

What are the benefits to doing works in the term time?

There are many benefits of term time working, not least that you can start moving towards your goal of a new learning space faster. We have included some of the main benefits below:

  • Increased flexibility with timescales. We are able to move start and end dates to suit your requirements, as we will not be bound by school holiday dates
  • Shorter lead times on certain products
  • More talented labour available. Many of our skilled subcontractors are more readily available during term time, enabling us to allocate the very best talent to your project.
  • Achieve results fast – we tend to have less projects happening in the term time, so when we concentrate on a term-time project, we are able to deliver the results in a shorter time frame.
  • Spread your budget evenly across the year.
  • Minimise stress and disruption during holidays.
If you are considering undertaking works within term time but have more questions, please get in touch. We will work with you to ensure you experience a smooth and hassle-free project delivery.


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