The Future of Learning

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The Future of Learning

09:34 05 October in Education, Modern Ways of Learning, News and Views

We’re at a point in time where we can no longer ignore the changes in the world around us. Sure, we could continue teaching in the same way as our parents learnt 50 years ago, however to really succeed we must start addressing the needs of today’s learners. Today’s students are from a fast paced and ever changing generation. A generation that has always known life with the internet, instant communication and social media.

Enter the future of learning – equipping the students of today to be the leaders and innovators for tomorrow.

What We’re Seeing

Schools throughout the UK are starting to embrace new ways of learning. There is a strong move towards a more collaborative learning journey, and here are a few of the trends that we’re seeing…

  • Individual Devices.
    Schools are providing individual devices for students to use. Some schools allow students to bring their own devices, and others have communal laptops or tablets for shared use by students.
  • Acceptance of Technology
    For many years technology in schools has been viewed as a distraction, something to be banned from the lesson rather than exploited to benefit the learning journey. However, times are changing, and educators are accepting technology as a way of enhancing lessons and student experience.
  • No More ICT Suites
    Traditional ICT suites are being replaced by specialist equipment suites, such as Mac Labs or music labs.
  • The Return of The Book
    Libraries are returning as a place to read, and no longer an information centre. The ability for students to access information online anytime anywhere means that the library as a resource centre is becoming outdated. Many schools are reinstating the library as a place to simply read or find a quiet space to think.

Our Predictions On What To Expect

The pace of change is fast, and we’re not expecting it to slow up anytime soon! Here are some more trends that we’re expecting to gather speed soon:

  • More flexible and dynamic classroom environments.
  •  Classroom design split into specific zones to suit activities and learning styles
  • Wifi and wireless technology prevalent in schools
  • A shift in the teacher’s role, from taking centre stage, to being more of a mentor and guide to the students, however the role is not diminishing in importance!
  • Flipped learning, where course content is digested outside of lessons, and the knowledge is applied through assignments and discussion within lesson time.
  • Teachers recording and distributing teaching material outside of lesson time, for example video tutorials and background reading material.

Why we’re excited about the future of learning (you should be too!)

The schools that adopt change early will be in a prime position to improve results, attract students and improve the overall school offering. Investing ahead of the curve will give your school greater credence, as well as benefitting the students.

Times are changing, there’s no doubt about it. Learning is ever evolving, so it’s not a question of ‘if’ but more a question of ‘when’. The schools that are adopting advances in education are already proving the benefits, developing learners better suited to life in a connected and information-rich age.

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