What Does FFE Mean?

What Does FFE Mean?

09:19 27 September in Education, Furniture manufacturing and FFE, Project delivery, School interior design

FFE, or FF&E is an abbreviation for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.

When constructing a new build, the furniture and other subsidiary items will often be separated into their own tender package, otherwise known as the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment package. At initial planning stage, the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Tender is submitted to furniture specialists to submit a price for the project. This, together with other packages such as Construction, Mechanical and Electrical, and Groundworks, will be combined to create the finished building.

A typical school FFE package will include classroom furniture, breakout and canteen furniture, fixed furniture, Science laboratories, Art Rooms and Food Tech rooms (excluding connections) and other items such as hand driers, waste paper bins, display boards, whiteboards and all ‘loose’ items in a school. Once the tender has been submitted and the contractor chosen, the FFE contractor would assist the project management team with all furniture requirements, and oversee the installation of the FFE items.

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