Alexander McLeod food technology classroom design

Envoplan made a difference to the local community with this stunning food technology classroom, designed to give students a taste for cooking and inspire them to understand and adopt healthy ways of living.


Alexander McLeod Primary school was causing concern to the local authority. Inspirational headteacher Andrew Hook was employed to drive change in the school.  The school’s motto is now ‘Striving For Excellence’

Following other successful changes within the school, the suggestion was made to create a food technology classroom where students could learn to cook.
The brief for the project specified that the kitchen should be as similar to a commercial kitchen as possible, replicating an environment that the students could choose as a career path when they left school.


The new food technology classroom was to be housed in a near-derelict garage on the school grounds. It was Envoplan’s task to convert this neglected building into a stunning new space. We worked closely with the school to come up with a food technology classroom design that suited all their needs.


We also refurbished the main school dining hall. This project included renovation of the the solid wood floor and installation of an acoustic feature tree, and durable school dining hall furniture.



The Envoplan design team worked together to create this stunning food technology classroom design. We used clean neutral colours, bright lighting as well as some interesting finishes to create a characterful space.

The school specificed a café-like environment, so we manufactured and installed café seating and tables in the teaching area, as well as a large display screen for the teacher to use.

The stainless steel worktops, gold beams and pendant lighting all help to add interest to the new food technology space.

Installation of this project was completed in a short time-frame. This project was undertaken during term-time, and was completed before the year 6 food technology committee team moved on to secondary school.

The project was officially declared open by Olivier Blanc, chef and food campaigner.


Junior Governors


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