Independent Girls School Modern Staff Room

A modern and comfortable staff room


The brief for this staff room was to provide a modern, comfortable arrangement which facilitated differing sizes of socialising groups.  The client also required more spaces for seating at tables, and wanted staff to be able to quickly relax in a completely different colour scheme from the school colours – creating an area that could become an “escape” from school life.  It also had to be able to be used as a meeting place for parents on occasion.


We had to keep a clear path across two of the staff room entrances whilst allowing easy access to the pigeon holes and photocopier.  The school also wanted to make access to hot drinks and snacks clear and quick and, most importantly, to create arrangements which would encourage staff to socialise outside their own faculty and facilitate a whole-school approach to sharing ideas. (



We used a combination of large, modular sofas in fixed shapes to accommodate large groups, small tables and movable chairs which have a more “café feel”, and banquette seating which gives a feeling of privacy.


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