Beaudesert Park School Collaborative Classrooms

We helped design a collaborative classroom design scheme for this Gloucestershire-based independent preparatory school.

Beaudesert's Brief

We were commissioned to provide the interior design and furniture for the new classrooms. The rooms needed to house up to 24 students in each space; and incorporate a range of flexible learning spaces, including zones for collaboration, focussed learning and one-to-one student tuition.

The project also included flooring design, specification and installation.

Our Challenge

The brief for this modern classroom project was to provide an inspirational classroom space to truly reflect the forward moves the school were making. The design needed to incorporate a variety of learning settings that allowed for a mix of activities, allowing the students to work in a modern learning environment.

The school’s forward-thinking approach to their school environment had led them to add some new modular classrooms. These new classrooms have a bright and airy feel, the perfect environment for encouraging young minds to learn and discover. The buildings are set within a wooded area of the school and the exterior design of the modular classrooms blends in naturally with the forest surroundings.

Envoplan's Solution

We worked closely with the school, collaborating on all aspects of the project, helping them to ensure that the space was easily reconfigurable and had plenty of storage. The project included the selection of finishes, incorporating quiet spaces and student collaboration zones. The furniture within this project included teachingwall storage and lockers, with additional features such as integral railway carriage booths, as well as a mix of furniture items for a range of other activities.

Once the design scheme was finalised, we worked with the school’s team to ensure effective delivery, floorcovering and furniture installation.


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Collaborative classroom design scheme for Beaudesert Park School

Beaudesert Park School Collaborative Classrooms

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