Furniture manufacturing

Made in Britain

Envoplan are long established educational furniture manufacturers, producing high quality furniture for schools and colleges.  With over 40 years’ experience in the field, we design and create our unique and desirable educational furniture at a dedicated factory in Hertfordshire.

Tables, chairs, desks and more

Whatever your educational furniture needs, we can manufacture a solution. We design and make a wide variety of furniture for all aspects of education, from classroom tables to boarding house beds. Whether you seek fixtures and fittings or attractive storage solutions for your library, reception area, science lab or common room, as leading UK educational furniture manufacturers, we are poised to deliver excellent, practical yet attractive furnishing solutions.

Furniture to fit your school

If you specifically need one-of-a-kind furniture made especially for your educational environment, Envoplan can help. As educational furniture manufacturers with specialist designers and a wealth of experience, we’ll work with you to create a design that fits your school perfectly. When you’re happy with our design, your school furniture will be manufactured to your specifications at our head office in Hemel Hempstead.

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Bright colours for bright students

Children are naturally inspired by bright colours, so we often use bold colour in our products to make them really appealing to younger users. A colourful environment can make all the difference to your pupils, helping learning feel more fun, stimulating the imagination and encouraging a particular mood. Let your imagination run wild in the classroom. Check out some of our bright and striking educational furniture designs for inspiration.

Teaching walls

A great use of space in any classroom, teaching walls are one of our most popular products. Integrating your interactive whiteboard within a neat and efficient storage space, our teaching walls allow you to get the most out of your teaching space, keep your classroom free from clutter and provide a striking focal point for your students.  Contact us to find out more about installing teaching walls in your school.

Visit our showroom

If you’d like to see how we operate as educational furniture manufacturers, you are welcome to visit us for a factory tour.  We’ll show you round our head office and factory in Hemel Hempstead, where you can try out our products and get a feel for the furniture we make. We have a showroom displaying some of our most popular educational furniture, so if you need some ideas for your own school, why not come and see what we can do.

We design with inclusivity in mind. Our classroom interiors are made for pupils and students with all abilities. For example, we know that some feel more comfortable in spaces with curved walls and with a variety of sensory experiences.

In our Education Innovation Centre showroom, we present our inspirational and outstanding quality furniture designs for you to see for yourself.  This is where we stage different learning environment settings to showcase our innovative design solutions. We welcome visitors anytime so let us know if you’d like to come and see our work.

Great quality, guaranteed

All of the furniture we make has to live up to our own high standards, and you’ll be glad to know every item is guaranteed for 5 years.  We value long term relationships with all our clients, and want our furniture to have a long and happy life within your school.

Replacing Your School Furniture?

Contact us for pricing and delivery information. We’ll guarantee you the best long-term value for money.