Studyspace research

Studyspace research

Studyspace is our intelligent approach to school interior design. We have a unique process that involves various stake-holders within your school to create, design and build a space that really works for you.

Whether you need to overcome challenges in your space or accommodate more students, taking an intelligent approach to your school interior design will enable you to create an environment that welcomes, inspires and motivates.

Don’t experiment with your school design!

Our evidence-based approach to school interior design relies on data and information to create a space that suits the needs of learners and teachers alike. Any designer can create a space that looks good. Here at Envoplan, we focus on creating school environments that look amazing and function perfectly.

Get it right first time

Create a timeless learning environment. Undertaking the necessary research through our Studyspace process will give you the data you need to make informed decisions about your learning environment. Our unique approach gets under the skin of your school and takes account of what is going on in the hearts and minds of the users of your space.

Our Process


Survey, analyse and collect the facts. It’s at this stage we collect the data about what’s really going on in your space.


The discovery stage is all about people. We unearth the people-needs that exist in your space.


Our imaginative team will create a school interior design scheme that sets your school apart and inspires your students.


We have an in-house team of project managers and furniture specialists that have the expertise required to deliver your projects.

Why evidence based school interior design?

Understanding what is going on in your space is the best way to ensure your project is a success. Base your refurbishment and redesign decisions on facts and data. The Studyspace approach to school interior design takes the data as well as the intangible knowledge collected from internal collaboration and focus groups.

Our clients

Harris Boys Academy
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Anson Primary School
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