Term time working

Refurbishment projects during term time

Do you have too much to do in school holidays?

We understand that during the summer holidays bursars, facilities and premises managers lead extremely busy lives.

Our solution? Free up more time during your summer holidays by opting for term-time working. We are able to deliver your refurbishment projects during term time with minimal disruption to your school.

There are many added benefits to you for undertaking your projects in the term time:

  • Increased flexibility with timescales. We are able to move start and end dates to suit your requirements, as we will not be bound by school holiday dates.
  • Shorter lead times on certain products.
  • More talented labour available. Many of our skilled subcontractors are more readily available during term time, enabling us to allocate the very best talent to your project.
  • Achieve results fast – we tend to have less projects happening in the term time, so when we concentrate on a term-time project, we are able to deliver the results in a shorter time frame.
  • Spread your budget evenly across the year.
  • Minimise stress and disruption during holidays.

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DBS and safeguarding

We’ll work with your school to ensure all our subcontractors and project team are DBS certified and registered to work within your school.

By spending time with your safeguarding team we will implement full site protection and separate access routes will be established to maintain student protection.

Noisy or messy works

Loud and messy works can be completed outside of school hours; at weekends, or before and after school time. We’ll work around your school timetable to ensure there will be no disruption to your normal school day.

We understand that lessons must go on as normal, and that the curriculum has to be taught come what may.

Keep everything running smoothly

Sometimes the space you are refurbishing may need to be relocated. We will work with you to either re-house your space somewhere else within the school, or organise for temporary accommodation to be installed on the school grounds, in the form of a modular building or cabin.

Could your next project be completed during term-time?

Why not phone us for a chat. If you’re not sure how it could work, then we’re always happy to go through the details and help you achieve the result that’s right for you.