Sixth form centres

We design sixth form spaces that help to improve results, attract talented students and create a zone of inspiration within your school.

The learning environment within your sixth form centre holds huge potential for your school. The design of the space could be the deciding factor that causes a student to choose one school over another;  the space layout and environment will influence academic results thereby aiding students to achieve their best. The layout of this space will cause your students to forge relationships, encourage them to behave more responsibly and offer a suitable background for other sixth form privileges.

If you’re considering refitting your sixth form centre, you need to make sure you turn this investment into an opportunity for positive change and development, not just another capital expenditure project. By taking the right approach to the interior architecture and design of your new sixth form space, you can ensure that your new space truly meets the unique needs and challenges faced by your school.

Sixth form centre interior design and space planning

Our core focus on educational projects mean we’re best placed to design a stunning sixth form centre for you. We intrinsically understand the latest in school interior design, and we’ll support you throughout your design journey, ensuring that the end result of your project is a truly stunning sixth form space, setting your school apart from the hundreds of others out there.

From initial space planning to 3D photo-realistic visualisation and video walkthroughs, our designers will weave their magic, creating a design scheme that truly meets your needs. We work with architects too, so if you’re looking for assistance with an interior architecture scheme for your new building, you can rest assured that with us the inside of your building will look just as amazing as the outside.

Fit-out and project management

Once you’ve completed the design phase we also have internal teams of project managers and approved contractors who are able to deliver your project on-time and with great attention to detail. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and whether your project is a small sixth form centre tea-point fit-out, or a full-scale new sixth form building project we create an end result that both you and your students can be proud of.

We understand how important budget and deadline control is when working in a school. Whether you are looking to complete your project in term-time or during school holidays, we’ll establish a programme at the outset and stick rigidly to our commitments. We will make it happen.

Furniture design and manufacture

More than just design and fit-out, our expertise also covers furniture. We have a large furniture manufacturing facility at our head office in Hertfordshire. From here we can create bespoke furniture, customise finishes or tweak sizes to suit your design scheme. Our detailed knowledge and understanding of school furniture manifests itself in stylish yet highly durable products, built to your requirements and installed by approved and experienced fitters.

Our furniture offers you the best long term value for money, guaranteed. We’re never the cheapest but you can rest assured that your new sixth form centre furniture will stand up to the rigorous treatment it is bound to receive (we’ve met 17 year olds before).

Modern ways of learning

Learning is changing, there’s no denying it. Your sixth form centre design needs to accommodate new technology and devices to stay abreast with the times. Sometimes your students will need to collaborate and other times they’ll need a more focussed learning space. Ensure your sixth form centre design accommodates all types of tasks for all types of learning styles. As well as the furniture and space planning within your space, it will also be beneficial to consider the digital resources such as Wi-Fi, power and data. We’ll help you to ensure your design scheme includes everything you need.

Prepare students for life beyond school

The modern workspace and university learning environments have developed fast in recent years. Once your students leave school they need to be equipped to adapt to their new environments. Many organisations and FE establishments expect students to work in a more agile way, holding them responsible to choose work zones that best suit the task they have in hand. Activity Based Working and other new working methods are prevalent in many organisations. Your sixth form space needs to be designed to introduce students into new ways of working, and encourage them to take ownership of their studies.

User-centred design

We’ll create a sixth form space that your students love, but they’ll love it even more if they’ve been given a say in the space design. Our unique approach to school interior design sees us include students and other stakeholders in our design process. We involve students in workshops and user groups to gain a detailed understanding of the daily needs within your own sixth form. From this valuable feedback, we’ll tailor our design to overcome specific challenges and meet the desires of the users in your space.

Learning resource centres and cafes

Within your sixth form centre, there may be requirement for other zones, for example a careers library, café or other resource centre. We understand how important these extra spaces are to the success of your sixth form space, so we’ll connect these through a cohesive design strategy ensuring your new space offers your students everything they need for a successful learning journey.

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