School Offices and Staff Rooms

Keep Your Staff Happy

In every school, students come and go. The real pillars in any educational institute are the staff. Teachers, admin staff, estates teams, catering teams and the senior leadership team. Great school staff make for great results, which improves the school’s chances of attracting talented students. However, too many schools and colleges take their talented staff for granted, expecting them to perform in an environment that doesn’t facilitate their best productivity.


Staff room design is one of the most important, yet often neglected areas in the whole school. When it comes to priority for maintenance and refurbishment, teacher’s offices and staff zones generally fall to the bottom of the pile. To us, this seems counter-intuitive. If you want your people to do their best work, they need to have an environment that helps them to do this.
Staff rooms and faculty offices should be designed in a way that help your staff to perform to the best of their ability.

Kingston Smith St Albans Informal Meeting Area
Ipswich High School Headteachers Office
Breakout seating at Kent County Council

A Place To Perform

The rigours of the school day are hard work for teachers, and indeed non-teaching staff. Giving your staff a place to relax and re-charge helps them to give their best when they are at the front of the class.
Staff room design needs to accommodate a wide range of activities, yet with careful space planning this is achievable. Your staff room should, in the main, be a communal space. An area where teachers can pick up a coffee, swop stories with colleagues and build relationships with the staff around them.
Aside from a communal area, the staff room will also be used for a number of different purposes. These may include quieter more focussed activities such as marking student’s work, perhaps communicating with parents or planning the next lesson.

Adequate storage may also be required in a staff room. A place where staff can safely stow away their belongings, and access them when they need them.

Creating A Space That Works

It takes intelligent space planning to design a staffroom that really works for your staff. Every school is unique in the way they use their staff areas, so creating a space that works perfectly for your school is best in the hands of experts.

Detailed analysis and observation of your staff zones will help you to understand how your teachers are interacting with their space. From this, you will be empowered to create a staff area that meets the needs of your people.

Here at Envoplan we have over 40 years of experience in educational environment design. Whether you are looking for more teacher desks for the classrooms, or if you think your staff room needs upgrading, give us a call. Our experienced advisors are able to assist you with any requirements.

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Motivation Is Contagious

Positivity and motivation are contagious. Create a staff room design that lets great feelings flow. An inspired design will help you get the best from your people, who will in turn put the best into the students. Productivity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds happiness, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction. Help your people to get more out of their lives by providing staff rooms and offices that are conducive to better results.

Facilitate Communication

Great things happen when great people get together. Create a staff room design that helps your teachers to collaborate and communicate. But it’s not just teachers that need to collaborate with each other. Your staff may also need space to communicate with staff and students too. Consider including some individual working areas that have sufficient noise and visual privacy.

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